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ForumsEveryone of us have visited some forum or the other, so I don’t really need to tell you what exactly a forum is. I recently visited just-another Webmaster’s forum and was quite astonished to see the quality of content there. In most forums, some users ask doubts and others mostly answer, even though this system prevailed in this forum, it also had a lot of users posting Useful and Helpful Content for others rather than just getting their doubts solved. I got a feeling of belonging there..

The Forum is named as We Dost Forum. Exactly as the name suggests, it appears to be a community of friends which you can join to share your opinions and thoughts with a wider audience. The members of the Forums can be called as Dost’s in the real sense.

This Forum basically covers a wide range of topics. To mention a few:

Now there are basically three points which I felt are making this Forum stand out of the Crowd:

  1. An active community of people who are always present to help you out in Need and Solve your Doubts. And the user base is constantly increasing!
  2. The Administrators and Moderators are pretty Open for all the Suggestions and Feedback and they try to keep the Forum very User-Friendly.
  3. Also, I have been observing that people share some very Rare stuff here and there are very less Spammers.

Apart from this, I have a list of three important reasons for which you should join this forum:

  1. You can make money through Affiliates i.e by referring people to join this Forum and by Contributing to this forum, like creating new threads and Answering the questions which people ask.
  2. It is a pretty new forum, so you have a very good chance to be among the most popular people here! And once you get the authority in this forum, it will be very easy for you to influence people for your benefit.
  3. It will be easier for you to make Career decisions and take up some Freelance jobs mentioned in the forum topics.

Now finally, Let me correct my mistake, It is not just-another Webmaster’s forum…Its really worth the Discussion! Even after reading all this, What are you waiting for? Just Go and Register at We Dost Forums!

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    Thank you for your review regarding my forum website.

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    Usually I love to surf blog than forum because here I don’t need to register. Will try to visit that forum.

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    I am not much of a Forum Guy but will check this one out.

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    Cool, I’ll check this out. Like Deepak, I’m not much of a forum user, but it’s worth a shot.

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    Thank you all for visiting my website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will be happy to answer all your questions.

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    I am not an avid forum contributer however I do find they often contain a variety of solutions for some of my search engine queries. I have used a couple in the past though one was a forum for seasonaires in ski resorts, which i found very useful and got to learn a lot about a place I was about to work in. So maybe I and you should all use forums a bit more. i will check out your forum many thanks!

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    I also think that visiting blogs is easier than forums because forums had their registration form which is quite irritating

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