Send Free Text message to anyone worldwide from Computer to Cell Phone

It costs money to send a text message from your Mobile Cell phone to another Cell phone. So, why cant we use another Free text messaging options available online? You can send Free SMS to any mobile phone number anywhere in the world from your Computer enabled with Internet.

I am listing 4 Sites which give a good service when it comes to sending Text message from Computer to Cell Phone. I am personally tested all of these websites in India but they are meant to work in most of the countries around the world. So you get Worldwide free SMS Text Messages for free!

SEASMS logoThis is a Cool website where you can send a free SMS and you can receive the Delivery repost of the SMS too. This is an amazing feature. They don’t even require you to register to their website.

There are two different sections in their website, one to send SMS to people in India and other to the Worldwide Audience. You can also select some Cool SMS from their Gallery and send it to your friends.

160by2 logoYou need to register to this site using your Cell Phone. Just give then your Cell Phone number and they will send you a confirmation Password. You need to put that password on the Confirmation web Page of the Site and you can use the website from then on to send Unlimited SMS to anyone for free. [it allows sending you to Seven countries in the world]

The best part is that, the message is received by the recipient from your phone number. So basically the recipient thinks that you have sent him the Text message but actually it is sent through the Internet.

WAY2SMS logoThe same registration format as above is used here too and even the features are the same. But you can send Text messages to many more countries through this site. The recipient receives the message as if it was sent from your Phone.

Google SMS Channels
Google SMS ChannelsYou can create your own Google Channel and Add your friends in it. You need to verify your Mobile Cell Phone number and then you can send messages to anyone in your Subscription list.

Tell me how you find these sites. I hope it will help you for sending Free Text messages to your friends..

  • MostlyBlog

    i am using all last 3 but first one is new for me let me try this one ,btw thank for this nice post ,RT done

  • raza rahil hussain

    I liked to add one more newly sms service i.e

  • PC Dude

    you can also use your yahoo account to send SMS for free. bt d sender’s name will b ur email id.

  • yreadthis

    I know only the way2sms but here i have come to know more sights to get use of thanks for sharing.

  • Sandeep Singh

    thats cool !! i thot is only for sending sms in INDIA ???

  • Arafat Hossain Piyada

    Google SMS Channels tweak is good one but all of my friend need to validate their mobile number in same way. I personally use Way2SMS.

  • Agent Deepak | Blogging, Markting & Success

    I do not like these sites as of now. I do not feel like sharing my mobile no with these sites.

    But never know, I may even start using them in future.

  • Kiran

    Thanks for the info. Never knew so many services out there :) It would help me for sure since I have many relatives all over the place!

  • Tinh

    Thanks, never heard about Google SMS channels.

  • Pubudu Kodikara

    Wow.. now this is something that i should try out 😀 Thanks for the tip mate 😀

  • Stephanie

    Google SMS Channels??? Never heard of it. I’ll try it

  • Visual Studio 2010 Training

    i will try this Google SMS channels, i think this is very nice, thanks for this info.

  • Emily

    I know only the way2sms but here i have come to know more sights to get use of thanks for sharing.

  • Amy

    Wow.. now this is something that i should try out 😀 Thanks for the tip mate 😀

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    hmm.. i never heard this, but i think this is very useful, thanks, i will try this.


    I have been using the Last 3 but i have never heard of The First One.
    160by2 and way2sms are being mostly used in INDIA for sending free Messages. Whereas Google SMS Channel is a bit Different from these two. It is for Group Messaging. Its a Very Nice Service. If You want to share a thought, Joke or Anything with your Friends you dont need to send them separately. Just Send it to your sms Channel that you have Created and your Subscribers will receive it. This is SMS BLOGGING. The main problem with Google’s SMS Channel is that they are very Slow in Sending msgs. It depends on the Server. If you publish messages at Night your subscribers will get it instantly as the Server is not Busy at that time. I can Give you a Full Review on all this if You want. Comment Back :-)

    Some More Sites that provide you the facility of SMS Blogging are:
    Very famous and recently came to known as the Indian Twitter.

    This was closed but soon it has again came up and giving very good Service.

    Better not use it. Very Unreliable.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Akshay: I am happy for your valuable comment here. We would like to ear more about these services!

  • Magazine Subscriptions

    That’s a great list. I always use, which is free but UK only.

  • amy

    hey try out it really works but you can only do 1 text message every 5 minutes though. but still it works!!!!