Translate English into Hindi Online for free

Hindi is the National Language of India and Among the top three most-used languages in the world! It is advised that you have some knowledge about this language as you can meet Indians in just any part of the world. Learning or knowing Hindi is not as easy as it appears so learn the script from Google and let Google help you with the E-Leaching.

Online Hindi Translation

  1. All of us have a Gmail Account [if you don’t have then sign up for one]
  2. You will see the G-Talk Client in the Left Sidebar.
  3. Click on “Add a contact” link near the Chat section.
  4. Now add in the list and Invite it to Chat.
  5. Now you will see this bot active in Google Chat window.
  6. Whenever you want to translate anything into Hindi, then just type the required sentence in English and the Bot will reply with the same sentence Translated and Written in Hindi Script.
  7. Just remember that you cannot use any SMS language [it wont translate that]

I hope it will help you learn the Hindi script and language translation to some extent. Happy Learning!!

  • Arafat Hossain Piyada

    Translate engine not able to provide 100% correct result as every language have it’s own essence but it’s always good to have something handy. That save good time.

  • Agent Deepak | Blogging, Marketing & Success

    For starter the translator works seemingly alright.

    But I was laughing when I saw the translated Hindi text of kiss me. It is not quite right.

  • Robin

    You are great :) i was searching for a good online place to learn hindi. Thanks a ton bro :)

    – Robin

  • anamika

    Hey that’s cool..i bet many foreigners will make a good use of this…

    but i would also like to know can we also translate Hindi/ Marathi language into English…

    that would be great

  • Naomi

    You are great :) i was searching for a good online place to learn hindi. Thanks a ton bro :)

    – Robin

  • Nasir

    Bow, It’s good, For Hindi translation I use Google translation tool, but as I use Gtalk more, this going to help me a lot and of course a time saver too. thanks for this share..

  • Priya

    Wow great feature!! nice tips n tricks..

  • Romantic SMS

    These translation services are quite good for some basic statements as shown in the picture. but sometimes it outputs a weird statements also. As far as Google’s translation service is concerned, it has been improved a lot from user contributions.

  • Chethan

    Amazing Bot!! Thanks for the share bro

  • Open Article Submission

    that’s a good translation bot, will give it a try, thanks for sharing :)

  • Charley

    I use
    It’s quite good for simple texts.

  • Raj

    I’ve just found It works great, I love to hear the translation.