How to hack a Twitter Account Profile?

Twitter is gaining publicity very fast and there have been a lot of people looking for Twitter Hacks. “How to hack twitter accounts?” is what is a lot of people are discussing about. There are a lot of ways in which Twitter Account profiles can be hacked. Today I will show you how to hack twitter profiles from within twitter and there is nothing illegal in this method.

Hack twitter Account

I am going to talk about a Hacking trick which will make your Followers and Following Count invisible on Twitter.

Just imaging the fun if no-one is able to find how many people are you following and also the number of your followers. While playing around with the Settings inside my twitter profile, I came across the the option to “Change design colors”.

I just wanted to have some change, but mistakenly I applied the same color to the “Sidebar” and the “Text”, and was checking out the changes to my profile. I noticed that my Twitter Account Profile was Hacked in such a way that my Following, Followers and Listed count was not visible. Have a look at the Screenshot below:
twitter sidebar
I found this cool and for some more fun, I made the “Text”, “Links” and the “Sidebar” color same. Now, even the words Following, Followers and Listed was invisible and I couldn’t see anything on the sidebar. Have a look at the Screenshot below:
twitter invisible
Remember that if someone hovers over the Twitter profile sidebar then your details will be visible, as we cannot make changes to the CSS files which twitter uses.

I will keep you updated if I find some more ways to Hack Twitter accounts. I seriously think, that its good that twitter allows these customizations, but proper measures must be takes so that they can’t be used by people for causing inconvenience to others. Note that I have reverted back the changes now any my Twitter profile (@techfreaks) is pretty user-friendly.

  • Sunil Jain

    Nice way to fool newbies or twitter users who just stick on to Twitter web. 😉 lol

    Cheers :)

  • P.K.ARUN

    Nice trick dude 😉 I like it.

  • Rohit Sane

    @P K Arun and @Sunil Jain: I am happy that you guys liked the article!

  • Siva

    Nice but you guys forgot a thing ..
    If there is no followers , then twitter will show 0 . In that way , you can feel , some thing lol is goin on …
    Have a twist week 😛

  • Rohit Sane

    @Siva: It wont show 0 followers. It wont show anything at all..

  • Vikash

    I will try this trick

  • Utkarsh

    Haha neat… someone will think “damn the page is still loading >.<"

  • Sumon

    Great @ thanks @

  • Shabnam Sultan

    Nice trick :)

  • Nasir

    can be play with…. Thanks for this trick

  • ashok

    this is not hacking,, this is fun,,, twitter want to correct this color problem,,,

  • Alamin@earn by blog

    Thanks nice post. I just got your blog from quickonlinetips. Really enjoy your blog. But wonder is it legal to hack twitter?

  • iPad Application Developer

    Nice trick.
    But I wouldn’t go for this though as I like more and more transparency online.

  • Rohit Sane

    @alamin: We are not doing any illegal hacking here. We are just customizing!

  • Romantic SMS

    Wow that’s an amazing trick to just fool your friends but technically its not hacking. Sometimes by mistake we put our hands into an amazing things that’s what happened with you. I never thought this thing before even though it’s so obvious.

  • Anish K.S @ Technics

    Cool Rohit, Keep it up :)

  • Mad Geek @beingPC

    I will try this trick, thanks for sharing

  • Abi Darwish

    lol…guys its fun. somebody might say, “arghh, i should consult my technician to get rid of this virus.”

  • Open Article Submission

    lol, that’s a neat trick 😛

    making it the same color will surely hide it, nice thinking. looking foreword to see more such tricks from you :)

  • Kathy

    I never thought of playing around with the design settings on Twitter. That is a pretty good and rather simple hack.

    You are sure to mess with people by doing it.

  • Rohit Sane

    This is a Cool trick to hide an confuse amateur twitter users, also its not any part of hacking. The word hacking is used because here we are doing something different than what is commonly done!

  • White Color

    I like it. Its not actual hacking of accounts, but a good form of customization and can be used as a prank !

  • Alamin@earn by blog

    Oh. Sorry i got it now man.

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    A real nice trick mate. But this almost cost your adsense account. Think about using the word hack in your post titles for the future.

  • Ayne

    Hey, i wanna hack someones twitter acc, who can help me!?

  • Spaty

    it makes me really sad that this cheap trick is under “HACKING” categoria…really really sad