Tips to Improve Apple iPad battery Life

iPad has become the call of the world and it has already crossed 2 million sales!! But in this green energy era, we must do our best to save energy even while using our most loved gadgets. One similar notes, let me bring to your notice that the Apple’s iPad has some serious battery requirements.

An iPad’s battery gets you 10 hours of continual use, according to Apple. But for people who use the iPad extensively, it might become a severe usability issue.

So here are some steps to improve the iPad battery life to make it last long!!

  • Use “automatic” brightness setting so the iPad’s light sensor will adjust the brightness appropriately.
  • Use less power hungry applications.
  • Do not leave your iPad in places where it can may get exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid watching HD movies or playing 3d games.
  • Disable Bluetooth / 3G / Wi Fi when you are not using the network connections.
  • Update the iPad software often.
  • Keep it in a Cool Dry place, keeping it in a hot places drains the battery faster.
  • Don’t keep the batteries Charged or Discharged for a long period of more than one month.
  • Temporarily disable the Data Push function when not required.
  • Avoid the batteries from being completely discharged.

If you have any more tips for the Apple iPad uses, all of us will be happy to hear. Do let us know in comments!

  • Boyce

    Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks :)

  • Apple iPad Review

    Some great battery life saving tips for the iPad, thanks! I’ve had mine for about two months now and simply love it. I find that the battery life is sufficient to do lots of things but it’s always good to know a few ways to maximize that battery life, just in case.


  • atics

    i’ll try to improve my ipad battery.. thanksss