Myths about Advertiser Competition for Keyword Analysis in SEO

Don’t be sad if anyone tells you that you should not optimize your Site for One particular Keyword. He/She may well be wrong! I have seen so many Fake Search Engine Optimizers that I feel rather bad for their Clients who are going to pay them a huge amount only to get themselves doomed. Fake SEOs believe in weird concepts and ultimately their Clients have to face the Axe.

These kind of SEOs may be good at only one thing. I hope you have guessed it right.. Link Building!!

Anyways, today I am going to tell you about the Advertiser Competition Column in the Adwords Keyword External tool. Its the green bar which you see.
Advertiser Competition in SEO
Most SEOs use the Adwords Keyword External tool for Keyword Analysis and Research to find the market share and the health of the Keywords they wish to optimize the websites for. After entering the desired keywords, we come to know about various metrics like the Advertiser Competition, Global Monthly Searches, Local Monthly Searches, Local Search Trends, etc.

Now there are a few myths about this Advertiser Competition column in the minds of many well known SEOs too. Don’t miss out: DoFollow Blog Comments are not very Useful for SEO. I have read a lot of Blog posts written by SEO gurus which say, More the Advertiser Competition, the difficult it is to Rank for that keyword.

Let me tell you, this is utter Rubbish!!

Advertiser Competition has nothing to do with the Competition in Search Engine Rankings. Most SEOs misunderstand this concept and start giving their non-sense SEO Tips!

The main reason for misunderstanding is, the Adwords Keywords Tool is intended for use by Advertisers, but most SEOs use it! This causes the misunderstanding in the minds of SEOs that if the Advertiser Competition is more, it will be difficult to get High Search rankings for that Term.

But the fact is, it is actually good if the Advertiser Competition is more, as maximum number of Advertisers will be Competing for their Ad placements and in this way they tend to keep the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) bidding Amount higher. Thus, this assures maximum earnings from Adsense (if you are going to use it on your website).

There are different ways to find the Actual Ranking Competition, but I will discuss it in my future posts here. Stay tuned in!!

  • Agent Deepak | Blogging, Marketing & Success

    You surely cleared one of the greatest myth in SEO (I would rather say misunderstanding).

    When optimizing for SEO, I never look at advertisers competition.

  • Daniel Sim

    I have found advertiser competition to be a valid proxy for the difficulty of achieving organic rank.

    Would like to see some practical examples why you don’t think this is the case.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Daniel: Its common sense buddy.. Also, I have observed it while giving SEO services to many websites..

  • Kathy

    If you are building a website to monetize with Adsense, then yes having more advertiser competition is better. It is also a sign that those keywords have more commercial value for probably most types of monetization.

    Can you judge organic ranking competition by looking at Adwords bid competition?

    Maybe there is some correlation, but I cannot imagine that being a really efficient method. You would miss out on low hanging fruit because there are some keywords with high commercial value that have easy organic ranking competition.

    So, all those people out there who are ignoring them, please keep doing so. That way people like me are left with more highly commercial keywords that are still easy to rank organically for.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Kathy: There is a small correlation between the organically ranking sites and advertiser competition, that the more sites competition more will be the advertiser competition, but it is not always true. So we can find the proper low competition high paying keywords and optimize our sites for them.

  • Atul Kumar Pandey

    Yes buddy you are write that only comment links are not worthier as article submitting is worthy. But whatever be the way people can relax after getting some valuable kind of ranks. Its better to submit site to every high and low ranked search engines and putting your links to every article submission blogs.