Blogger launches Blogger Template Designer is the most used Free Blogging platform in the world. But users of this service were somehow not satisfied, as a host of features are not available, which are available for which is a similar Free blogging service. But, Blogger is regularly coming up with enhancements to satisfy the needs of the users and also to make it more user-friendly and attractive.

Recently, it started allowing the creation of Static web-pages which can be used for Static blog pages as “About”, “Contact”, etc.

People love customizations and they like to change the look and the feel of their blogs regularly to keep it fresh. Blogger contains a very few Templates in its Library even though a lot of templates are available for free. But even the Free templates miss out on some finer details.
Blogger Templates for Customization
So, Blogger has launched a new Service called Blogger Template Designer which allows users to Design their Blog templates with a WYSIWYG editor. This editor makes the changes visible instantly and you don’t need any coding knowledge for using it.
Blogger Template Designer
I would say, it will give the power of customization to a lot of Blogger users and help them create beautiful templates for themselves and also others. The functionalities provided by the Blogger Template Designer are :

  • Changing the Background color
  • Selecting the Background Image
  • Selecting the Layout
  • Customizing the Fonts
  • Adding and Overriding the CSS
  • Creating Custom Tabs, And a lot more..

Now what are you waiting for, Go to Blogger Template Designer and Start customizing your own Blogger Templates.

  • Choosyinfo

    What I observed is Google is trying a lot of things to make blogger more and more inviting to newbies.

    This is really a cool option since making a custom theme is just a few click away.

  • Siva

    Actually this has been more than a month , right ? or new ?
    I saw similar post in another website too..

  • Rohit Sane

    @Siva : It was launched recently

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Siva is right. The template designer option was launched by blogger team a month ago. But the admin posted this only after watching the link in Google India home page like me.