Blogging on WordPress is just a Phone call away!

WordPress has always been a great free Blogging platform. Now, it tends to go bigger and better with the feature of Audio posts coming in! Just imaging that you call a Phone number, talk for 1 hour and all that you have talked is being uploaded to your blog in the form of an Audio post. Its like Blogging on-the-go[wherever and whenever you want] Isn’t that amazing?

This idea is really turning me ON and I sincerely think that it will have a lot of takers as many people don’t like to type their entire thoughts and most people hate reading long blog posts. So if the Audio alternative is available, it will really be great!

Post by Voice” feature rolled out by is pretty easy to handle too. You need to call a phone number, enter a secret code given to you, Record your Blog post, and its its all done! WordPress will handle all the back-end functionalities.

<< Image Credits : Flickr >>

Enabling the Post by Voice feature is just a click away from your WordPress Dashboard. Click on the My Blogs Link under the Dashboard section in your sidebar and generate a Unique Secret code for your Blog. [I hope you understand that if you don’t keep this code as a secret, you may be getting uninvited guest posts on your Blog]

After you have generated the Secret Code, you can locate your blog and Enable this feature. This feature is powered by Twilio API. After Activating this option, you can call the phone number listed on the My Blogs screen, enter your secret code when prompted, and follow further instructions for Publishing your Audio posts online!

I know you would have some serious Doubts. Some answers to FAQs :

  • The maximum length of a recording is 1 hour.
  • If there is 10 seconds of silence, the recording will end.
  • You do not need a space upgrade in to use Post by Voice.
  • Normal calling rates will apply for the phone call.
  • This feature is NOT yet available in Self-Hosted
  • Dexter |

    I need to test this, I wonder when we can get a plug in for our site :)

  • Paul Tech

    I know posting audio is a convenience.

    But a ten second lapse and the recording stops means I have to rattle off what I want to say without second thoughts.

    It is rather difficult to maintain quality as our thoughts may be jumbled. and writing gets us orgainzed.

  • Romantic SMS

    It’s an amazing feature, Bloggers can now also post on the move anywhere. what else a wordpress wants other than this.

  • aatif

    Will check this feature , i think this is amazing .

  • Mad Geek @beingPC

    Wow now that’s awesome, I want to phone and blog, thats really saves some time atleast

  • Open Article Submission

    it is a unique and innovative feature, however i do not think i can speak as well as i can write. it will be a feature to check out for sure, and will surely be waiting to see this on the self hosted blogs, but still i will stick to writing 😛

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Well this sounds amazing. But when did they made this announcement mate. Do we need any additional plugin for this. How to enable this mate? Enlighten me

  • Rohit Sane

    @Sathish: In the post, I have mentioned that this feature is only available for blogs, and not!!

  • Atul Kumar Pandey

    It might be great innovation from the developers of the WordPress. But is there any chance that it will appear for Self Hosted blogs or not.