Why Do-Follow Blog Comments do NOT carry much weight in SEO?

You would have seen that many blogs are turning to Do-Follow after Google’s introduction of the PageRank sculpting algorithm. Good news for all Blog Commenter’s, right?? Yeah, Good news but do not expect drastic changes in your Search Engine Rankings (SEO) even if you leave DoFollow Comments on hundreds of Do-Follow Blogs. Shocked? Even after getting 100s of DoFollow links, your SERP positions won’t increase!! These are some of the reasons WHY…
DoFollow Back-Link Chain

More Comments on a Single Page divide the Link Juice

Consider that there are 10 links on a particular page and your DoFollow Comment link is included in that. That page can give out X amount of link juice. So, your Comment gets X/10 amount of Link juice. But Do-Follow Blogs usually get a lot of comments so the number of links on that page usually increase. Even if you able to find a rare High PageRank page with Do-Follow Comments, there are a lot of links other than comments on a single page. So the Link juice you get is quite less and inturn nearly negligible SEO advantage!

DoFollow Links in the Comments Section are not treated equally like other Links

Search Engines like Google give more importance to links created by the content author rather than who add value to it through Comments. So, the links in the Content (i.e the Main Article) are given more importance and value and not the links in the Comments section. Even though, your links in the Comments section will be Followed by the Search Engine crawlers, the importance given to it for High Rankings is negligible!

The authority of Links on a Particular page decreases, Once the total link count of that page crosses a particular limit

Imagine a page having hundreds of links on it. The user visiting that page is surely going to be confused on which link will take him to his desired result. For this reason, Google crawlers reduce the ability of that page to pass link credits to the links. As we know that Do-Follow blogs are crowded with comments, your link being one among the many gets negligible credit. (many people say that more than 100 links on a page results in this condition, but it is not verified)

DoFollow comments on Blogs outside-your-Niche are irrelevant

If you get a link back from a website which is related to your website in some-way-or-other then its good. Links from Websites in Off-topic Niche won’t help you for increasing your SERP rankings!

Now the only reason why you can use Do-Follow comments is to increase the number of Domains linking to your Site, even though you are not getting enough Credits from the links. Also remember, that getting links from low-quality pages are not going to help you for SEO.

Even though Tech-Freak Stuff is a DoFollow blog, I would suggest not to comment just for getting a back-link to your blog as it is not going to help a lot. You should comment on blogs for showing your views about the content or add value to it. Many bloggers do not Comment on blogs with NoFollow as it doesn’t give them a positive link back. But, its not the right attitude in the blogosphere. Let me tell you, there are far more better ways to get links from Authority sites which will help in SEO.

So guys, think over it and remember, I am waiting to hear your views..

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    Great information on do-follow blog comment. It makes sense that this kind of do-follow links didn’t give much link juice value. What I did is “to increase the number of domains linking to my site” and get more people notice about my blog.

  • http://www.clubnetsearchmarketing.co.uk Clubnet Search Marketing

    Great article on the real explanation behind dofollow/nofollow.

    Exactly why you shouldn’t pay attention to whether links are followed and what PR a page has when a) building links and b) contributing to other sites.

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    Thanks for great information on do-follow blog comments.

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    Hi..we have done seo for many of our clients and regularly write seo articles for other blogs….niche relevancy is only a matter if you are concentrating on micro niche…but if u have a vast blog..comment everywhere..

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    Good post – make sense the more links sharing a page the less value google will give to them

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    I think blog commenting is the way through which we increase traffic to our site but also enjoy a backlink trough dofollow blogs.

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    On a side note: i think its extremely important for the webmaster or editor to take control of the comments. There is no point including comments for the sake of vanity – you should edit out the rubbish and just include on target useful information. Whilst timely, monitoring content is key

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    Interesting read, now I would by no means suggest I am a tech geek or suggest I fully understand the way google catalogues websites for presentation – however, I have definitly found that my SERPS ranking improves when I target certain keywords through blog commentating – therefore I beleive that blog commenting has a big part to play in my SEO.

    Mr. Lowdham

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