How to Ignore people on Twitter? (without they knowing it)

Twitter LogoIt may so happen that you are forced to Follow a particular person on Twitter who keeps tweeting about non-sense stuff and you are not at all interested in knowing his/her activities. Getting updates of such people on your phone (via SMS) is very irritating. So, Is there any ways of blocking the updates of this person to be shown to you?

You may think that the best way to get out of this is to UnFollow that person. You are probably correct, but what if that person is very important for you and he finds out. He can get you in some problem..

I have a solution to this problem! You can stop getting the updates of anyone even after following them..

Just login to Twitter via your Twitter client or the Web interface, and type the following:
leave username-of-that-user

After using this code, you will stop receiving SMS updates about that particular user. Now, after some time, if you again want to receive updates of this person via SMS then what to do? Just use the following code:
on username-of-that-user

All sorted out, Right? I know some carriers still do not offer free SMS messages from Social networking sites like Twitter, and you would seriously not wish to be charged for people who are irritating you. Use this trick and have fun!!

  • Agent Deepak | Blogging, Marketing & Success

    Nice tip. Does it work only for SMS updates only?

  • Rohit Sane

    @Deepak: Works for SMS (surely confirmed) .. Not sure weather works normally!

  • Shekhar Sahu

    Well i receive texts from selected persons only, but still reaches 50+ but still important. 😛

  • Chethan

    I use Twitter via Gravity App or Web.. SMS Tension free me :)

  • Magazine Subscriptions

    I always wondered if this was possible. I’m only following a small number of people, and most of these post a sensible amount, but there’s 1 who posts about 20 times a day, and I don’t want to be constantly receiving SMS messages.