iPhone 5 Leaked ScreenShot

The iPhone has always been the talk of the town due to Apple’s brilliant marketing strategies and a great fan following. iPhone 4 took so long to reach various markets, even after 1.5 million sales on the very first day of being made available to the public. Also, Apple didn’t launch the iPhone 5 after the iPhone 4. Next came the iPhone 4S which had an improved Camera but looked exactly similar to the iPhone 4.

And, here we have a crazy update! Even though, there is no official update about the iPhone 5 coming out, we guess it will be announced sometime around October 2012. iPhone 5, successor of iPhone 4S, we know nothing about the Hardware and other specifications, but we surely have some leaked Pictures of iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Leaked Photos

iPhone 5 Leaked ScreenshotI came across this screenshot on Twitter when someone posted it. I am unable to trace back, who posted it. (Sorry for that)

According to the screenshot, it appears that iPhone 5 may have an Antenna. The obvious question is WHY? It may be because of the iPhone 4 Holding issues which led to reduced network coverage. (Just guessing)

Or that antenna may be an extra accessory which would have been included while taking the photo. We never know!
And after all this, we are not even sure weather this is a real Leaked photo iPhone 5 or not, as it appears very similar to iPhone 4 with just an Antenna attached. (I can also be a Photoshop trick) Some guy would just be kidding around with all those Apple enthusiasts out there.

Note: Currently, we presume its just a Rumor!!

Update: The iPhone 5 prototypes are making news, I just got hold of a prototype which shows the Glossy Front and Back panels of the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 Front view (prototype)

iPhone 5 Back view (prototype)

Update: One more iPhone 5 prototype came to notice. Someone actually posted a photo of it. Seems to look good!
iPhone 4g or iPhone5

Update: One more iPhone 5 leaked photo is out which shows an Metal Back Case. It is the same as iPhone 4 just an addition of the Metal back case..
iPhone 5 : iPhone 4 with Metal Back Case

Update: We just got to know about a slimmer iPhone 5 leaked Prototype, which was brought to notice by a forum member. Here it is:
iPhone 5 Leaked Prototype

Also, leaked pictures of the iPhone 5 Button-less prototype are observed. It seems to be the work of Graphic designers, but appears quite sleek and can surely be one among which Apple is working on.
iPhone 5 prototype
Leaked picture of iPhone 5 Prototype

  • Bryn

    I actually cannot believe that so many of you are so retarded that you don’t realize that the first picture is a joke…

  • http://www.shoutmeloud.com Harsh Agrawal

    Doesn’t look real to me..I believe it’s going to major change and more sleeker than shown in the image.

  • http://www.searchnewfriends.com Michael

    I think it’s a good laugh on apple expense let’s hope if indeed the apple ip hone 5 does come in to production that it least works when trying to make a call.

  • Banaynay

    Look at the one with the metal back, then the one below it. Combine the back with the thinnest and then put a 4″ screen on it and there ya go

  • harika

    WOW, it is awesome . BUZZ——-when i can buy it.

  • ms prasad

    looks very sexy & smart

  • pooja sharma

    toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gud

  • http://Magyarország Oláh Zsolt

    toooooooooooooooooooooo gud, beautiful!

  • mohmammad shakir

    this phone is nice …and samsung galaxy note is also very good choice

  • kavi

    hi this one is nice but not sure this is an iphone 5 because apple will not releas phones with large antennas

  • vahid

    hi. I am iranian.
    iphone 5 very very very very very very very
    G O O D
    it balasi

  • http://iphone5iphone5.us iPhone5 iPhone5

    When iphone5 will release? this is talk of the town.

  • http://himalayanencounters.com/ Jasmin

    I am very glad to see this few pictures of the iphone 5 and hope that it comes with lots of cool features as every one is eagerly waiting for its launch.

  • Habib

    It is too good looking phone, sure i will go for that if my budget permits

  • http://topandroidapplets.blogspot.in Android Applications

    Wow, that seems to be the talk of the town. Thanks for this wonderful information,I think the bookings are started in september and its a great chance to buy this phone

  • ariana

    I think it’s not real iphone5 because they never make such a awful model.I but I wanna see real photos because next month is my birthday & I want to bye a iphone5.I HOPE IT COME UNTIL NEX MONTH.