Protect yourself from Spam created by Forging Digital Signatures

Email security was always a concern and with manipulations in digital signatures on the rise, it is the need of the day. Will you ever opt for an Emailing solution which is not secured? I know most of you will say NO!! So, what is the main reasons for Email Scams and How they are causing a havoc?

It was noted that Digital signatures, which were among the major systems for finding Email Scams and Spam, are now being compromised. Fake Digital Certificates were attached to some Emails and Phishing attacks were being carried out.

The intruders forge the Digital signatures of any Sender organization and create a very similar copy of it. They use this Signatures for signing Fake Documents and send it to their potential targets and if the Targets fall prey to this method then the attacker gain helpful insights to the working of the system and also some private information about the Target and the Organization.

A lot of Softwares were developed to reduce these spam attacks and to secure the online behaviors of the members of different organizations, but some vulnerabilities are always found in these programs. The current trend is to develop Anti-Spamming Appliances which will make the users of different online services safe. An Anti Spam Appliance is basically a hardware device which does the work of a Strong Firewall.

This appliance just needs to be added to a Dedicated Hosting Server and your secured web server is ready to work. I would suggest to have it installed for your Blog server too. Most Web Hosting providers already provide these services for Dedicated hosting but Shared hosting servers may still fall prey to such attacks.

So, it is basically the responsibility of the Organization to keep their members safe from Online attacks. Users can just stay alert and provide a helping hand to the organizations to create a secured spam-free world.

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Thanks for alerting us mate. Actually I am receving almost 20+ spam mails everyday and most of them are signature spam only. And this might sound odd to you. But i have to notify you. At the time of posting this comment here in your blog, I cant see any adsense ads.

    ~ Sathish

  • Saif

    informative article , spams are really so annoying

  • Blinkky

    Must be careful with the spam =)

  • Vipin @ Romantic SMS

    These spam mails are being discussed a lot these days but i wasn’t of aware of this thing. Hackers are going mad these days….

  • khaled

    Thank you very much..
    that is absolutely disgusting that anyone should get 1000 spam a day. Outrageous.
    Great info to have!

  • hapatchan

    i hate the spam, I am receiving 50+ spam mails everyday… thank you so much