Not able to send twitter Direct Messages? Use this syntax!

I have been using Twitter for quite a long time now and I have repeatedly faced a weird problem. Everyone knows that Twitter Direct Messages can be sent only to your Followers who follow you back (i.e. Mutual Following). But I have not been able to use this feature since a long time now.

Even though I have a large number of Mutual Followers, NOT all of them are shown in my Twitter Direct Messaging List. There are many people missing in that list who follow me back when I follow them (or vice versa)

I am not able to understand this weird Bug in the Twitter DM system. And let me tell you, I come across this Error(we will call it a BUG) only when I use the Twitter website for Tweeting and Sending messages. If I use any desktop Twitter Clients, then I don’t face this problem. So we can infer that, this is a problem with the Twitter website alone and not with the entire working system.

Also, we can somehow neglect this bug if we use the Twitter Direct Message Syntax for sending messages through the Twitter Tweeting Space.

Syntax for Sending Direct Message from Twitter tweeting space:
d username-of-recipient message-to-be-send

I would like to hear if you face any other or similar bugs in Twitter or with any other websites.

  • aatif

    This is great idea . Nice trick

  • Saket

    Weird. I haven’t come across this bug anytime. But anyways, thanks for the tip, might come handy when i experience this bug :)

  • Magazine Subscriptions

    Just to clarify, is that the username with or without the @?

    Have you tried to see if this works for people who aren’t following you?! Now THAT would be very useful.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Magazine Subscriptions : without @ symbol

  • Patricia

    I have the opposite situation. I can DM several people who I know are NOT following me. :-/

  • Louis St-Jean

    When I’m on the site, I click the icon at the right of the search box, a window pops-up.

    On the top line, I start to type the name of the recipient. A list corresponding to what I typed appears.

    I choose the one I want to DM, then write my message, then SEND.

    Does this help?

    Do not hesitate to get back if need be.


    Louis St-Jean