5 common misunderstandings about Web Hosting Services

When you want to establish an Online business the first thing you need is a Website for your venture. For a website, the first thing you need is some Online Web Hosting Space and skilled professionals who can create a proper website for you. But what are the things you should keep in mind while selecting the best web host? What are the most common misconceptions while deciding the best web host?

Unlimited Web Hosting and bandwidth means no worry
Most users are tension-free that their unlimited hosting account will help them enjoy a tension free life. But, most Unlimited hosting accounts do no guarantee unlimited disk usage. The more processing that takes places on the server may cause problems for your website as your Disk Usage takes place (can be understood as Processing usage)

Shared hosting and dedicated hosting are similar
Most users have a misconception that shared and dedicated hosting servers don’t really make a difference. Just imagine that another website which is hosted on your shared server used up all the processing power or gets infected by any malicious software, then what? You may loose all the precious data on your site and may also cause a lot of problems. A dedicated server would be your personal server and may allow you to do anything at the expense of your own site. So, if you mis-manage something, then you are responsible for your own actions as others are no way related to you.

All cheap web-hosting services are unreliable
Everyone wants to use the Best Web hosting services, but most people are not on a big budget, so they keep looking for cheap options. But it is a misunderstanding that all cheap web hosting services are unreliable, there are many web hosting services which give you the service at affordable rates and they are very reliable too.

Any website can work on any type of server (without any issues)
Web hosting server is not your requirement! A PROPER hosting server is your requirement. So you must first ensure that the package which the hosting provider is giving you fits your needs. For example: Its a tiresome job to make the .NET framework to work on Linux based servers. It may take up your valuable time and may even land you into trouble. Most people do not think before purchasing a hosting package and then repent over it.

Good hosting providers don’t have any problems/issues
This is the biggest misunderstanding. You can face web hosting issues with any hosting provider, its just the service each provider delivers which makes them expensive and good. If your site is not properly protected from outbound access, then it can be hacked. You cant blame your provider for that.

Also, most web hosting companies allow affiliate sales, which can help you to earn some cash fast by referring their service to others. Many companies also allow the Web Hosting Coupon system, which can help you give discounts to people whom you refer.

With all these misconceptions, never ever opt for a hosting provider! You may waste your money in selecting a wrong provider which does not satisfy your needs. If you need any help then you can approach an experienced person in this field. Feel free to Contact me..

  • http://www.thurstytoad.com Steve

    hey Rohit,
    Small world… I saw your comment over at seowizz and thought I recognized your name, and sure enough, I did. :)
    Great points on what to look for in a web host. I would add this…
    Customer Service doesn’t matter… until you need it. If you have a problem or your website gets hacked, you may suddenly find out that it matters a lot! So check some reviews and make sure your potential web host has a good record. :) Steve

  • Dave

    Nice review, compared with some other web hosting review site, WebHostingClue.com does provide the very good coupons from those top web hosts.

  • http://cheapsubscriptions.co.uk/ Magazine Subscriptions

    I’d second Steve’s comment about customer service. My host has been excellent in this respect.

    They also offer great deals for existing customers – I pay yearly and there are often offers such as huge savings if you extend your plan for 2 years, or if you extend it early.

    Not all hosts make you pay monthly!

  • http://www.earnbyblog.com Alamin

    Thanks. I had also some misconcept about hosting but it clear now from you post

  • http://kathyblogger.com Kathy

    I have used a number of different hosts for both static HTML sites and for dynamic blogs. In my opinion, Hostgator is the best one I have ever tried. They just understand the customer much better than a lot of the other ones. Their customer service is far superior than even the likes of Godaddy.

  • http://www.datadoctor.biz Data Recovery

    These all problems are similar which we face regularly when we talk about web hosting service but still there some confusion remains in mind which one is better and which one not because all are not fulfilling customers need accordingly.

  • http://techdiffuse.com Software News

    I have made some of these mistakes as well… You have spotted the common mistakes perfectly!

  • http://www.windupbattery.com Paul of Wind Up Battery

    The thing to remember is that a host which may be the best choice for one person may not be the best for another. I think it’s important that before deciding on a host, you think about what you want to do with your website (or sites) first. Note down what backend stuff you’ll need like maybe a blogging platform, and then exactly what will be the requirements for this, for example php and mysql. By doing this you’ll be able to choose exactly what blogging platform you want, and then go for a host that can give you what yuo need for this, rather than deciding on the host first and then being limited by the host’s capabilities as to what blogging platform you can run on it.

    I’d like to add to those who have already said good customr sevice is vital too.

  • http://www.thewanderingbrit.com Dave

    Of course, as Google begins to incorporate page speed into its ranking system, it is becoming more and more prudent to ensure you have a good, reliable host (not to mention that it’s just good practice)

  • http://www.social-catalog.com aatif

    i am using hostgator . and hope unlimited means unlimited at hostgator :)

  • http://www.dcvast.com/ IT infrastructure

    Good post, I needed the information. To your comment dave, I am concerned about my pages load time as well. Who do you recommend? I need to switch web hosts for this exact issue.