Tips to Get more Targeted Twitter Followers (Free and Fast)

It wont be a secret to disclose that most of the Twitter users want to have a large follower base! Twitter is increasingly being used as a Business tool for marketing and Promotional purpose, so having a large and Targeted follower base on Twitter is the need for all the Internet Marketers. So how can you get a large number of Targeted Twitter followers fast to increase your leads and Sales.
Targeted twitter Followers

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Before I give you any tips, let me tell you that your behavior on Twitter is responsible for your success here. Also, most people will follow you because you follow them. If these Tips are followed properly you will surely get a lot of followers to your Twitter account

Tip 1: Follow people you are interested in and not for them to follow you back. If you are following a large number of people in your Niche, you are expected to get recognition in your Niche and you will get a lot of Targeted followers in turn. Do not follow people in large numbers all-at-once, but keep a track of people in your Niche and keep adding them whenever they come to your notice.

Tip 2: Try and Reduce the number of Personal tweets or Tweets about your daily activities. Tweeting about your Daily chores gives a very unprofessional attitude towards your business. Remember, do not completely stop it as you don’t want your Followers to feel that they are following an non-human/anti-social person. (I mentioned some Social Media Marketing Mistakes which need to be considered)

Tip 3: Do not spam your Twitter account with News about your Company or about your promotional activities. Tweet about other sites in your Business Niche too and different interesting facts and figures about things which people are unaware about. Interact with your Followers and do not hurt or Ignore them. Help them if they need any help! (Sometimes, helping someone for free may help you increase your sales in near future)

Tip 4: Find and Follow people in Twitter Lists in your Niche and ReTweet their tweets, you can get a good number of followers from this tactic. One more way of finding Quality Followers is searching Twitter with hashtags or keywords in your Niche. Keep in mind that most people will follow you when they like what you share on Twitter, so use proper Hashtags and Keywords in your tweets.(Note : Twitter Search is being used by a large chunk of people. You need to concentrate on using Proper keywords so that people find you here. Also remember, The more you tweet, the more you get noticed here.)

Tip 5: Find people who blog in your Niche and leave Comments and ReTweet their Articles(along with your Twitter username if possible), you can get a few Targeted followers in the form of Blog owners too. Also, have a Twitter Follow Button on your own business Blog so that interested people can follow you easily.

Remember to make every task easy for your Followers (or future followers) so that they are happy to Communicate with you. Use different tactics to keep them involved in your on-goings so that they never get bored or irritated by you. I would like to hear some more thoughts from you regarding this. What do you think, huh?

  • BrandChirp

    You can give our target follow tool a try. It will help you get more followers by target following based on search term and geographic location.

  • Technology News Blog

    Very good tips. With more and more people coming on twitter it is a must to have your business make the most out of this service.

  • Mani Viswanathan

    Will think about the 2 RT buttons :)

  • Kathy

    I haven’t been a huge user of Twitter because of the legwork I think is necessary for it to be a viable traffic source for my website. I feel that it is going to take a lot of time and effort on my part to get enough people interested in truly following me instead of just following me with no interest.

    I think that running a blog and offering a subscription to new posts is a better way of connecting with people. Plus it allows you to more fully explain a viewpoint as opposed to a short two sentence comment.

    Having said all of that, the Alexa rating and Google PR9 status is hard to ignore. It is quite obvious that Twitter is ridiculously popular. It is a shame I haven’t found a better way of harnessing some of that power.

  • Rohit Sane

    @kathy: Things appear difficult before you try them. I think you can market yourself very well on twitter and reap really good returns..

  • Ben Lang

    Thanks for the tips! Definitely going to start using some of them asap.

  • Lakhyajyoti

    WOW nice tips.Surely your tips will help to get large number of followers.

  • Tinh

    I do not think the #2 is good to me as I have seen a lot of personal tweets that got a lot of attention too :-)

  • SQL Training

    In response to tip no 2 – I think it is better to have two Twitter acccounts – One for personal usage and one for business usage. I think that will work a lot better

  • Promotional Code

    I agree wholeheartedly with this list of recommendations.

    A lot of people simply spam their Twitter accounts with information that nobody would possibly care about. A lot of people tweet things that are totally meaningless. Giving people a reason to follow you is important.

    I hadn’t thought of following lots of people within my niche. Good suggestion.

  • Anup @ Hack Tutors

    Last week I got LIMITED message from twitter. I follow enough people so that i got that message. Now, I am not able to follow any person :( They have limited to follow 2000 people per account.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Anup: You cannot follow more than 2000 people from your followers count..

  • TechShare

    i am totally new with social media… hope this article would help me in growing…..

  • Steve

    Based on my friends, it seems that twitter can be an easy way to burn up a lot of time . :) That said, one of these days I’m going to try it out, and then I’ll be remembering your tips! Thanks. Steve

  • esoftload

    well can’t get much time in social networks… but also they are very important for bloggers so, will try follow your tips.

  • Pubudu @ TechHamlet

    Wow! Cool tricks mate! I will surely try them out! Lets see if i can double my followers count! 😀

  • infoomatic

    simple 5 but really grat tips. Thank you for sharing this..

  • List Building

    I just discovered twitter a few months back and I love it. People are very responsive. I did some testing with budurl url shortener and noticed that my followers click on the links I tweet to them almost instantly. I see that twitter is a very powerful tool for anyone serious about marketing online.

    Great blog post!

  • Fake Follow

    Great article, these are actual real-life proven tips, unlike everyone that buy fake followers. Fake followers don’t do anything really, except making you look cool…. looking cool is not enough to generate revenues!

  • Home

    Good aticle, but about Tip #2,: I’ve read everywhere that it is good in social media to put let’s say 20% personal tweets and 80% buiness tweets, as it makes you look more like a human being, and people like that. Any thoughts?