List of 50 High Page Rank Do Follow Article Submission Directories

Article Submissions for SEO is surely an old tactic. But the best part is that it still helps you rank for your keywords!! Most people fail to take maximum advantage of this method because they fail to find good High Page Rank Do-Follow Article Submission directories. So Today, I am going to give you my long list of 50 Article Submission Directories.

List of Do-Follow Directories:

  1. Page Rank 7
  2. Page Rank 7
  3. Page Rank 6
  4. Page Rank 6 (now No-Follow)
  5. Page Rank 6
  6. Page Rank 6
  7. Page Rank 6
  8. Page Rank 6
  9. Page Rank 5
  10. Page Rank 5
  11. Page Rank 5
  12. Page Rank 5
  13. Page Rank 5
  14. Page Rank 5
  15. Page Rank 5
  16. Page Rank 5
  17. Page Rank 5
  18. Page Rank 5
  19. Page Rank 5
  20. Page Rank 5
  21. Page Rank 4
  22. Page Rank 4
  23. Page Rank 4
  24. Page Rank 4
  25. Page Rank 4
  26. Page Rank 4
  27. Page Rank 4
  28. Page Rank 4
  29. Page Rank 4
  30. Page Rank 4 (Now No-Follow)
  31. Page Rank 4
  32. Page Rank 3
  33. Page Rank 3
  34. Page Rank 3
  35. Page Rank 3
  36. Page Rank 3
  37. Page Rank 3
  38. Page Rank 3
  39. Page Rank 3
  40. Page Rank 3
  41. Page Rank 3
  42. Page Rank 3
  43. Page Rank 3
  44. Page Rank 2
  45. Page Rank 2
  46. Page Rank 0
  47. Page Rank 0
  48. Page Rank 0
  49. Page Rank 0
  50. Page Rank 0

Do share with us any more High Page Rank Do-Follow Directories.. Thanks!!

  • CJ

    articlesalley is a no-follow site (both the links in the articles, and the links in the author’s box). Older articles may have do-follow links, but all the articles I looked at posted in the past week have no-follow links in the author boxes.

  • Prashant Rohilla

    i dint get Anything of above rohit can you explain in short what are this site mentioned for.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Prashant: These are article directories where you can submit your articles and get backlinks to your site!

  • WebBizGeek

    very helpful list. thanks for organizing it. i’m looking into this topic now and this gives me a leg up.

    one dofollow article site i’ve used and been very happy with is HubPages (

    i’ve only written one article there, but it has done very well and still drives traffic to my site 2 yrs later. another plus is they do a revenue share.

    imo, ezinearticles blows. articles are too short to achieve high keyword relevance and so they don’t get long term traction with google. a quick traffic hit, but then the article dies a total and complete death in terms of traffic gen. at least that’s my experience.

  • list building tips

    Thanks Rohit,

    Now all I have to do is write my articles. I’m not to good at that, but as you mentioned it’s a good way of ranking for my Keywords, I will try my best to do it once and for all.


  • dee8

    great list,thanks! Will put this to good use. ezinearticles iv been using for a while, does the trick.

  • South india tour

    Thank you for your dofollow article list.

  • dongtrunghathao

    That a great list. Thanks

  • stella

    Hi Rohit,
    This is an excellent article with good helpful sites list.

  • Mairsh

    I just posted my article at it is not do-follow.

  • Maine Cable Deals

    Hi, thanks for sharing do follow articles list. Very big help to me. I will use it in my article submissions. Keep it up!

  • nancy

    Hi Rohit,
    I like your site. Yes! thought your post is a thought-provoker and i already submitted to many sites ! Thanks.

  • Leo

    Pretty good list. I am already using some of these directories and had great success!

  • Jenny

    I think that its important to use an automatic tools or browser extension that recognize a “dofollow website” immediately when you visit the site. This will save you time.

  • onlinearticlespk

    i found these directories full of information.

  • Rafiqul Islam

    Hey, how helpful this post you can’t imagine. Before this I only knew few of them. But now there is a huge list in my hand. Thanks for your nice list.

  • RosaleenRosy

    Hi, Thanks for sharing this interesting important information about List of 50 High Page Rank Do Follow Article Submission Directories.

  • Rosy

    Hi, Thanks for sharing this interesting important information.

  • healthzine

    thanks for the great list. btw, articlealleys is turned to nofollow now

  • Tom Staszewski

    Thanks for the list my favorite is article ally

  • sunny

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  • smith

    great list thanks alot.

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