Schedule Emails in Gmail to be sent after a specific time

Everyone knows that it is not possible for us to Schedule the emails to be send to anyone through the Emailing services. We mostly need this service while sending Birthday/Special wishes to someone (we can’t afford to forget the dates) Sometime back, I covered a few services which help us sent Emails to the future. Now, there has been an Amazing Browser addon which adds this cool feature to our Gmail.

Boomerang has brought in a cool Browser addon for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and above. Its basic feature is that it adds a new button with the functionality of Scheduling our Sent Emails inside the Gmail Window. So, if you want to send any email after sometime, then its possible even if you write the email at his moment.
Schedule Emails in Gmail
Let me tell you that this is not a Gmail labs feature but a Browser addon. We talked about a labs feature earlier which helps to Stop Sent mails.

This feature is not available freely to everyone as it is under development. You may use our invite code techfreakstuff or b4gtweet for availing this feature by downloading the Plugins from the given Links

  • Magazine Subscriptions

    This is a really useful feature. Thanks for the invite code.

  • BLOG404

    Superb addon , will check out .
    Its high time that , hootsuite and tweetdeck should also include gmail in their services and include this feature
    This would make it multifunctional 😀

  • Tech Maish

    This is great feature. Never heard before. Going to try this, thanks for sharing.

  • Kathy

    You can bet that if this really gains popularity, you will see Google integrating it into their primary Gmail service. Google is one of those companies that really looks to improve in every area and they pay attention to what features people really want. The ability to schedule emails is definitely one of them.

  • Ronald Redito

    Can this be used as an alternative to an autoresponder? Or will it be considered as a spam?

  • SQL Training

    Rock solid plugin….This feature certainly does help us a lot. Just like
    you said it will help a lot in scheduling birthday reminders and many other stuffs

  • Rohit Sane

    @Ronald: It can’t be used as an Auto responder as you do not know when any Email will arrive in your Inbox!!

  • Viral

    I have read about boomerang somewhere, but dont about it require invitation code to use it. Nice share.

  • Einna

    This feature has been present for a while and it has been really helpful for me since sometimes totally forget stuff that should be done.

  • Srivathsan G.K

    haven’t tried it yet. seems to be promising and useful one. All these days been using drafts to make remember abt the emails, now i can scheduled it before hand.

  • TriForce

    Hey this is the awesome feature by Boomrang. Thanks for sharing it… I would like to use and add that in my browser for sure… :)