Tips for Designing Professional Looking Business Cards

PostCard Designs from NextDayFlyersOne of the most important choices to make when producing your card is to decide on whether to include elements other than text; like logo, your photo, or other graphics. How to settle on whether pictures or words are more useful in the restricted space on a business card?

The foremost thing to do is to choose how the business cards or postcards designs are going to be used. You should find out where your cards will be circulated, when you will be offering them, and who will be getting them.

For instance, some business people find it useful to attract new clients by displaying business cards on all bulletin boards they get. In fact, the business card is running as a mini billboard. And there’s no individual contact involved. Also, the reader may perhaps have small level of familiarity on the business featured. Cards should be easily readable, colorful, and very lucid about the key service of the company.

Conversely, if you’re making business cards mainly for giving to already existing clients, you need not waste valuable space informing them on what your business is about. In its place, they’re perhaps more concerned about expanded contact info, complementary products or supplementary store spots.

Consequently – logos, photos and graphics should be picked as per the reaction you are expecting from the person receiving your business card. Can the logo, photo or image you come up with help or obstruct the intention of your business card? Is it worthy of the room it takes on the business card?

How Photos help?

Photos are characteristically incorporated on cards in personal rapport based businesses like counseling, public speaking and real estate. They offer prospects a reassuring way to start getting familiar with you. This is particularly useful when your business is one that needs a lot of secrecy or reliance.

Furthermore, a card with your own photo shown on it will aid a fresh contact to locate you in a conference. If you frequently make first contact with somebody via email or on the phone, sending a card with your photo before you meet personally is a kind gesture.

And don’t fail to remember that a photo could be more than just a head-shot. You will be able to demonstrate how your product or service functions or give an illustration on before-and-after scenario.

Some Issues with Photos

Sadly, many people come to conclusions according to how we look like. Your nationality, age, gender, outfit and even your facial appearance may have an effect on someone’s option to get in touch with you. It’s human temperament to judge other persons deliberately or subconsciously.

If you decide to put in your photo, don’t hold back on spending cash. The quality of the picture can either make or break the design regardless of how dependable or eye-catching you may look like.

Logo Designs

A professionally made logo adds eye appeal, distinction, and can capably create or destroy an otherwise mediocre card. A fine logo helps a client to both build trust and relate to your business.

Pointless graphics might add peculiarity to your card; nevertheless they don’t put across info or give possible clients a motive to contact you. So see that you give priority to vital info.

Online Card Design Templates and Services

It is important to maintain balance. Pick a template with a less significant or less intricate picture when you have plenty of words to incorporate. This is an alternative when you can use a bigger or more vivid image safely without dropping legibility.

By pursuing these rules you will be easily on your way to producing a business card that looks great and also fulfills its function of successfully promoting your business.

This is a Guest Post by Jasper. He has good knowledge about PostCards Designs.

  • Rahul Manekari

    just small logo and a name …. looks awesome .. :)

  • Magazine Subscriptions

    I would offer a couple more pieces of advice:

    1) Don’t use an outdated font. At least use something that fits in well with your business. And no crazy fonts either!

    2) Don’t skimp on the quality of the card itself. Flimsy cards look cheap. Thick cards = quality. Maybe not too thick though!

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    Having a business card that look professional can help you to make people more trust on you.

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    Business cards are very essential part for business promotion. it actually convey business intention towards its audience. so professional looking business card will definitely promote business to high extent.

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    I am planning to design a business card for my blogging business. I hope these tips will be helpful for me in designing a professional one. Thanks for sharing.

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    i don’t have business card.
    can you give some examples professional business card?

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    Thanks for the tips. I will be using it in the near future :)