Amazing Windows 8 Wallpapers available for Free Download

Windows 8 has not yet being released official, we have a bunch to cool but unofficial Windows 8 wallpapers out. I know there are a lot of people who are already crazy to have their hands on the new windows 8. But for the time being, I will suggest, just have a look at some awesome concept wallpapers of Windows 8.

If you are a real Microsoft fan, I know you will like to have some of these wallpapers on your Desktop.. I am showing off a few cool Windows 8 Wallpapers here, if you want to download any of them, just click on it to view it in full size.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Win 8 Wallpapers

Windows 8 background

MS Win 8

Windows 8 blue

Do let me know how did you like these wallpapers..

  • Steve

    hi Rohit,
    Windows 8?
    I still thinking about upgrading from XP to Windows 7 (I skipped Vista). When is Windows 8 supposed to come out? Steve

  • Rohit Sane

    @Steve: Windows 8 is expected to launch in mid-2012

  • Felicia @ No deposit poker

    Wow, Rohit, that’s quite some news! My husband loves upgrading his computer. Currently, my computer is Windows XP (there are some options I don’t like on Windows 7 that’s why I switched back to XP) and my husband’s is Windows 7. Telling him about Windows 8 launching at 2012, he said, “Isn’t it kind of too early to launch the Windows 8?” Thanks for sharing the info and these cool wallpapers!

  • Steve

    Thanks Rohit,
    Looks like I better get on the ball and get a new computer with Windows 7 before I miss that boat. :) I’ve just got to decide whether to try the new 64bit technology or stick with the old 32bit. I’ve got some old hardware that I still like using… hmmm… decisions, decisions, decisions…
    In any event, thanks for letting me know about Windows 8 in 2012. Steve

  • Vector Graphics

    Loved the 3rd one. I set it as my wallpaper.

  • Software News

    Some cool collections here… Thanks for sharing :)

  • gorgeouskim

    hi there hows it going

  • surendar

    cool wallpapers..the last one looks gud.. :)

  • miami moving companies

    Why stop at Windows 8? Why not 9 or 10?

  • chandra bhushan kumar

    i love windows 7/8.

  • mukesh kr

    I am very excited to coming windows 8
    B’coz i love win 7 and XP…But now i want use to win 8

  • Mr. T.

    Hope you don’t mind that I’ll take a pass on these wallpapers – I’m a Mac user :)