Best Free VPN Services

For those who are new to VPN; VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. These are basically used when you need to access blocked websites which are Blocked by your School, Colleges, Offices etc. VPN networks are also used for Anonymous Browsing, where you do not want the Server to know whom you are. Now the most common question which will arise is “What is the problem with Proxies?” My Answer: “It is a bit risky for your privacy.”

For understanding How VPN connections work, have a look at the following diagram. I hope your doubts about transmissions inside a VPN are now clear!
VPN network Technology and Connections

Now, I am going to tell you some Free VPN services available Online:

ItsHidden: Its a very simple to Set Up and one of the best providers of Free VPN services which allow Anonymous Browsing (Disconnection after every 20-25 minutes).

GPass: A free VPN access as well as an impressive fast web proxy to use directly in your browser is provided by the GPass services. In China where internet censorship is commonplace, there this service is very popular.

Loki VPN Client: Just download the Loki VPN Client for Free which is just 4 MB in size. It also allows customization of Security and Quality features required for some applications and network services.

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield: A free VPN solution for Windows, Mac and iPhone is offered. Hotspot Shield says “unlimited bandwidth” to those who actually need it. It protects your privacy as well as guards you against Malware.

VPN Reactor: This ]is among the most used VPN services in the world which are free. The only problem with it is that it does not allow Outgoing SMTP mail (Disconnection after every 30 minutes).

OpenVPN: It is a SSL based highly Secured VPN service. You just need to install its Client VPN software.

CyberGhost: It allows secured File transfers with enough privacy. Just Download the Software, Register an Account and you are done.

Security Kiss: Ensures Total privacy, unblocks Blocked websites, and is Fully Anonymous. It hides your original IP address and assigns your computer a new European IP address.

Free services seem to be a great deal, but they are also subject to a lot of usage by the community. You’ll probably want to invest in a paid VPN service if you’re really serious about the security. I am looking forward to your comments and experiences with these VPN Services which are available for free.

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