LimeWire Shuts down permanently; The Best Alternative is FrostWire

Limewire from Gnutella Network was among the most used P2P File-Sharing applications in the world! But it had somehow become the hub for downloading/sharing music for free leading to a lot of piracy issues. Due to the rising concerns in this field, The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) claimed that the free music could have led to a loss of billions of dollars revenue.

Against the Court Order, LimeWire “intentionally encouraged infringement” by LimeWire users, it is used “overwhelmingly for infringement” and it knew about the “substantial infringement being committed” by its users. Due to all this charges, File-sharing program LimeWire has been permanently shut down after a federal judge found it guilty of assisting users in committing copyright infringement “on a massive scale.”

To be specific, Limewire has disabled the Startup Scripts which helped its clients to update their Local Peers. This will reduce 80% of their network traffic.

But now when Limewire Has Shut Down; I am sure, users will be looking for an alternative. If only most of the LimeWire users migrate to Frostwire, we can again create a good network there!

So the Best Alternative to LimeWire is FrostWire.

For those who do not know about it, FrostWire is 99% similar to LimeWire and also works on the same network, i.e. Gnutella. You can call it an Open Source version of LimeWire. The interface as well as the working system are exactly same. One better feature of FrostWire is that it does not have any PRO version. You can download the normal version and it will allow you to Download your Stuff at Turbo Speeds. You can Download Frostwire by Clicking Here.

It must be noted that I am not promoting you to Infringe the Copyrights of any Digital Product, but just providing you an Alternative way if you ever need it!

  • Infoomatic

    Limewire has became legendary tool to download almost any digital thing we need. And now you tell me to use Frostwire,..thanks for noticing me..

  • Geoff Jackson

    If it’s 99% similar, it’s probably only a matter of time before the alternative(s) get shut down too.