NVIDIA spear heading the 3D revolution

NVIDIA is known for its great range of GPUs. But, we often neglect NVIDIA’s presence in the 3D market. Actually, NVIDIA is spearheading the 3D revolution and it aims to change the traditional household Entertainment system with the 3D one. It is launching a wide range of 3D compatible products by partnering with worldwide leaders in Consumer electronics so that this technology is made available to the normal users as soon as possible. They say, 3D is Now!

NVIDIA 3D Vision

In a recent promotional event, NVIDIA announced the availability of its 3DTV Play Software which allows users to connect their 3D compatible PC’s or Notebooks to their HDTV’s using HDMI 1.4. This assures the ultimate high-resolution 3D experience on the Household screen.

The 3D Vision technology has been providing gamers with an excellent tool to enjoy 3D titles. This technology has now been introduced in the PC market with the 3D Vision PC’s, which are all set to change the way we work with computers.

NVIDIA is taking utmost efforts for bringing this technology to the masses; It is also working with the Software companies like CyberLink to create softwares which can convert 2D movies into 3D. This will enable us to revive our old movies collection and enjoy them in a truly 3D experience.

In an attempt to promote 3D products, NVIDIA set the platform for various Consumer Technology Giants like Acer, Alienware, Asus, BenQ, Connoiseur, Dell, Fuji, HCL, Panasonic, Samsung, ViewSonic, etc for showcasing their 3D enabled products and letting us have an Hands-On experince of using them. Let me tell you, the experience was truly breathtaking.

Also, announcements regarding the launches of 5 new 3D products were done, which are:

  1. ASUS G73 & G51 notebooks
  2. Alienware Aurora Systems
  3. BenQ W600+ Projector
  4. HCL Beanstalk Extreme 3D Desktop and Xcite ME 85 notebook
  5. Viewsonic PJD5122 and PJD6211 projectors

Even though its 3D Glasses are compatible with most of the 3D products in the world, NVIDIA is also working more on its 3D Vision Glasses kit to make it compatible with all the 3D displays in the world.

With such an initiative and effort, I don’t think the day is far when all the digital content we work with is available in 3D. Lets us wait and watch how events unfold in this 3D revolution!

  • http://itechnosplash.blogspot.com/ iTechnoSplash

    Wow! Nvidia with 3D new evolution! Such an amazing combination for PC!

  • http://bytechip.com surendar

    i do have a nvidia 3D graphics card with a 22 inch monitor, n i should say its pretty decent (only thing i need to wear those funny glasses) 😀

  • http://bestmediaplayer.co.uk Gary


    Been a fan of n-vidia for years now, especially since i am an online gaming geek. Not sure what to make of 3 d glasses though, seems like a lot of hassle to wear them everytime you want to watch TV or play a game.