Confirmed : Samsung will bring the Google Nexus Two

There was a lot of speculations in the mobile market after Google passed some statements regarding stopping the production of Google’s own products(read mobile handsets). It came as a shock to the people who were expecting Google to bring the successor of Nexus One to them! But, for all those Nexus One fans, Google has something more in stake for you!
Nexus Two
You were wanting the successor of Nexus One and Google has now partnered with Samsung to bring you the Nexus Two. And yes, it is the successor of the Google Nexus One. There were rumours rising up regarding this fact. but now this NEWS is confirmed. Gizmodo guys already had their Hands on the Google Nexus Two by Samsung.

According to them, Google Nexus Two appears very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S and most of the features match those of the Galaxy S. It appeared as if the Nexus Two was running a buggy Android Software. It is rumoured to be Android 2.3, code named as ‘Gingerbread’.

It is rumoured that Nexus Two will be announced by Samsung on November 8th; when even the Windows 7 Phone is expected to go on Sale. So, its clear that the competition in the mobile market is getting wilder. Lets stay hooked for some more spicy news in this area!

Update: Even though Gizmodo says that it is true, Samsung has shot down this rumours.

  • Praveen-Techperk

    samsung is trying hard, let them

  • PR @ Almost Like Everything

    Another reason for nokia to worry, samsung is Moving Fast, even the galaxy series by it is Good.

  • Rakesh @ Wizard Journal

    Hehe… nokia is out of the smartphone world… !!! too bad and samsung – well they are dominating at the moment.

  • april will be favourite smartphone than others, right?