Google Nexus S leaked photos

In the previous post I told you about the Nexus S being the Nexus 2. This Google’s phone will be brought to you by Samsung. Even though most of these Pictures are from Engadget, I have also made attempts to gather the Nexus S leaked photos available all over the Internet.

Google’s Nexus S will look like the following:

Nexus S Battery View

Nexus S back View

Nexus S Sideview

Nexus S unboxing

Front and Back View

  • instrumentals

    wow, i think i need to have this phone! but then again, they always coming out with new phones

  • dee8

    NICE, I’m looking forward to the curved display

  • Jae Vin

    nice shiny curves….Would be nice if they have a white version as well.

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Looks really sexy!!

    Being black, adds more to it.

  • infoomatic

    Its form factor reminds me of the old 3Gs but with frontfacing camera. But overall it is cool and awesome

  • Bob

    Very nice although the phone is looks big in size.


    It looks really nice, I am sure it also powered with great applications and features.

  • Indian Website Marketing

    Looks cool but a bit bulky aint it…but with all the features and the Gingerbread in it is certainly going to be awesome

  • Thomas

    Ah, another new google phone for me to covet. I never got the chance to pick up the Nexus One… Maybe this is my next phone!