Nexus 2 is now Nexus S : The Google phone from Samsung

There were a lot of speculations about the Nexus 2 from Google. Also, Rumors regarding Samsung bringing the Android based Nexus 2 instead of HTC. Gizmodo had spotted the Google’s phone from Samsung and there was total chaos regarding what it was (now we think it is Nexus S) and when was it coming out in the market.
Google Nexus S from Samsung
Anyways, thats the Past! Recently, TechCrunch and Engadget revealed some pictures which nearly assure the launch of Nexus S from Google and it will be manufactured by Samsung.

I personally think, this is the same phone which was referred as “Nexus 2” by Gizmodo. Now, we have some phone to be called the Nexus S. It has the same Android 2.3 – Gingerbread OS which was speculated along with 5 Mega Pixel Camera.
Nexus S specifications
Also, the curvy design is exactly as described by Gizmodo in the past. We are just waiting to hear some official Comments from either Samsung or Google. The announcement is going to be kick-ass for sure!

When the Guys from Engadget tried to contact Google for some comments, they were told that the company (Google) doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation!

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