Top 10 Must Avoid SEO mistakes

Every mistake you do while SEOing a website may backfire heavily. It may result into the website being banned or severe dropping of rankings in the SERPs. Of course you don’t want this to happen. So, what are the causes of this problems and how can you avoid doing this mistakes? The first problem is to notice your SEO mistakes and then correct them.

I am giving your 10 most commonly done SEO mistakes which you can easily avoid:

1- Ignoring the <title> tag
It happens that you keep the same Title text for your Readers as well as for Search engines. It is good if you can provide search engines with the title which your perspective visitors are actually searching for. It will help them notice your blog easier and also help you gain ranking for your keywords.

2- Excessive dependence on Meta tags
Depending excessively on Meta Tags and not writing proper content is surely going to fail you as an SEO. Remember that Search engines value long Articles as they are supposed to give quality information. Of Course, the articles must me resembling to the Title and the Meta tags. (Remember that Google no longer considers the META keywords Tag for rankings)

3- Neglecting the URLs
URLs play a very important role in SEO. Try to use Static keyword rich URLs rather than Dynamic URLs. Remove unnecessary words like “to”, “from”, “the”, etc from the URLS to make them Short and Keyword rich.

4- Not doing Proper analysis of What is working and What is not
Using an Traffic Analytics software is a must; to know which keywords are bringing in the traffic. This helps in knowing the sources which we can get the needed backlinks from and also which keywords must/must not be stressed on.

5- Trying to achieve links artificially
Achieving BackLinks artificially is not a crime, but most people fail here! They try to get links using a single link building method and fail drastically. Proper strategy must be created and the Link building methods must be decided before kicking off the SEO campaign.

6- Using Images instead of Words
I do agree that an Image speaks for a 100 words. But in SEO, this may backfire heavily. You cannot expect all the users to understand what is the intention of using an Image. You must Support the Image with proper “ALT” and “TITLE” attributes and if possible add a Proper Heading too.

7- Improper or No use of the 404 error code
Most webmasters fail to have a 404 page. This results in the Users wandering in-the-middle-of-nowhere when the URL being requested is improper/non-existent. This appears non-trustworthy to Google.

8- No Variety in Anchor Text
Using the Same keywords to build all the links. It clearly appears non-natural, and overdoing it may also get your Site penalised in Search Engine rankings.

Now the Last Two are the killer one’s..

9- Trusting the Google Webmaster Tools Data
Google webmaster tools is notorious for showing incorrect or invalid data. It sometimes shows you some out-dated or in appropriate data. You must have more faith in Google Analytics rather than Google WebMaster Tools.

10- Not-logging inside fee SEO tools
Why should I log-in if I am getting what I want, without entering my login credentials? Of course, most of us do this mistake. It is quite possible, that you figure out something more helpful when you are inside your Account. It is also possible, that you are given approximate data when you are a normal user and you are given accurate data when you log-into the site.

Super Bonus tip:
Please Do not make the mistake of doing wrong Keyword research or Trying to Optimize your Site for inappropriate or wrong keywords. You may waste a lot of time and after immense efforts you will realise all your efforts went in vain. You will be left heart-broken!!

  • Atul Kumar Pandey

    Awesome buddy but the really depending upon keywords kill the existence of SEO. So many users are using that everyday and ranking first on search results.