Top 5 features apple should copy from jailbreakers

Jailbreaking is among the most searched topic by the users of Smartphones especially the iPhone. Jailbreaking is a technology that enables you to get root access of your iDevice (when we say iDevice, we mean: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad); thereby enabling you to install apps that are not allowed in the AppStore. Jailbreaking is the way to customize your mobile phone to add new features into it as per your wish (which may not be allowed officially). For iOS4, Apple has already used some of the ideas of the Jailbreaking community like Multitasking (backgrounder), Folders (sbfolder), Multitasking Dock (infinidock), etc.

In each Apple update, Apple adds unique feature to the list and here we try to guess some of the features which may be present in the next version of the Apple’s mobile Operating System, the iOS 5. This OS is expected to release alongside the iPhone 5.

Here is an assumption from the Jailbreaking community (Cydia), about the additional features in Apple iOS 5 :

1: Synchronicity [Cydia ($2)]

Synchronicity is a tweak which allows you to use your iPhone during the time its being synced. People who hate the “Sync in Progress” message should download this tweak. You can continue to play games, run apps and even make calls while the iTunes Sync is in progress. You can do whatever you want except using iPod App.

2: iBlueNova [not iOS4 compatible]

iBlueNova is the sequel (enhancement) to the famous iBluetooth App. This app allows you to Send Files on-the-go to all range of devices out there in the market. This was the only reason for me to use Cydia. Even though its still not compatible with iOS 4, I’m pretty sure it will be, in the near future (part of my wishlist)

3: OverBoard [Cydia ($1.99 for limited time)]

Overboard is a way to go from page to page. It is developed by the world famous Rpetrich.

The demo below will explain you more:

4: Wifi Sync [Cydia $2.99]

Wifi sync provides a very innovative approach to Syncing. Wifi Sync is a way to Sync your iDevice without any wires. This App is built on an amazing concept but it isnt really upto the mark. Steve Jobs has already confirmed that this feature will be inbuilt in the future iOS. We just need to check its presence in the Apple iOS 5.

5: Multifl0w [Cydia $4.99]

Multifl0w is the thing which I call as the Guru of Multitasking. This is a visual experience which resembles the expanse of the Sn0w Leopard. This is smooth and is brilliantly written! Actually, I chose to update my iPad to a tethered one due to this!

Are you having a wishlist for the Apple iOS 5? Let us know, what more features are you looking forward in the new iOS 5?

  • Dave

    I would definitely want to see implementation of LockInfo and/or better notification management. Push notifications are piss poor on the iPhone

  • Maddie

    I would hope these features would come to IOS 5.

  • Davidblake3070

    Tlert or QuickReplySMS.. or something along those lines. One of the most annoying things about iPhone is the fact that replying to a text message requires you to close out of whatever app you’re using first.. Yeah multitasking bla bla bla but its still inconvenient to have to re-open the app when the phone is capable of having the reply format overlay the app you’re using!

    Also I’d love to see some of the features that ToneFXs offers.. Shuffled ringtones, custom sounds. Even if they don’t want people changing unlock sounds and stuff, it’d still be nice to be able to have custom SMS sounds. My very first cell phone, a POS nokia had that feature! Why not iPhone??

    Another thing I REALLY want to see is something like SBSettings. I LOVE the fact that I can switch on/off bluetooth, wifi, data, phone, and other stuff, as well as adjust screen brightness without having to go into Settings to do it.

    MyProfiles! Even if they don’t include the GPS functions (which i still think they should.. why not?) They can at least let us set our phones up to change the volume and brightness, and maybe a few settings according to the time of day AT LEAST.

    Last but not least, something like SwitcherPlus. I don’t know about anyone else, but its a pain in the @$$ to go through the multitasking list and close everything individually. I’d love a ‘close all’ button.

    Apple reminds me of a stubborn old man who is too set in his ways to care what other people think. They hate change, hence the non-customizable (without hacking) phones and computers! They don’t like suggestions or they would be listening to pages like this one, and they hate any idea that they didn’t think of first!! That’s why we’ll probably never see most of these features on an iPhone!!

  • Travis@TradeTechSports

    WiFi sync is a must but I doubt it’s going to happen. I’m not sure why apple is so against it, maybe a security issue? With apples resources you could do all sorts of cools stuff with wifi sync like remote syncing