The Calculator and Sound Recorder Apps are Missing from the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab was among the most awaited product by Android and Samsung fans and it is being made available in the market since more than a month now. So hows it? (Thanks to @gauravh1, I got hands on it)
Galaxy Tab
It is really good. I really like it except for its Screen. Actually it is pretty good too and amazingly bright on full brightness but just not as good as the Super AMOLED of the Galaxy S.

Now the biggest blunder! (The Basic Apps are missing)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab does NOT have the Calculator and the Sound Recorder Apps by default. (I am not sure about its different versions shipping in different parts of the world, but the one I had my hands-on was not having it) And it is the problem faced by a lot of Galaxy Tab users all over the world!

The Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile in United States does have the Calculator but unsure about the Sound Recorder.

So, would you like to call the Galaxy Tab an example of unfinished Operation System or you would forgive the Samsung guys this time; and expect a Firmware upgrade soon?

  • Wolfgang Preiss

    So what? You can easily download any calculater or sound recording tool from the android market place.
    I am using the RealCalc Scientific Calculator which is also for free. For Audio Recording are so many different depending on your needs.

  • Aditya trivedi

    even ipad doesnt have one!

  • Small Business Technology Solutions

    I have to agree with Wolfgang Preiss. With so many options for calculator/sound recorder in the Android market, it’s probably acceptable that those were left out in certain markets. It is a bit strange though…

  • Bligbook

    not a great news from the smartphone…

  • tafa

    I do agree that we can download it from maret or any others place. But as a smartphone, these appls are basic feature and doesn’t need a third party app.

    I don’t understand, why they don’t put it as a basic tools

  • siju

    I purchased a galaxy tablet 2 months ago, but till now I am not able to access the android market. Also I learn that samsung is not going to release any firmware update. Being the IT specialist in my office, my heart is broken to tell others that “sorry, i am not able to install skype on your tablet”.