Contour Display on Nexus S : What is it all about?

People are already going crazy after the launch of the Google Nexus S. Apart from having amazing tech specifications, two notable plus points of the Nexus S are the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and the Contour Display with Curved Glass Screen.

Android 2.3 making news is okay. But I hope the announcement of Android Honeycomb won’t have any effect on its launch.
Nexus S Contour Display
The main point here is the Contour Display Screen of the Nexus S. What is so special about the Curved Glass Screen with Contour Display of the Google Nexus S from Samsung?

Google and Samsung are claiming that the Nexus S is the first phone to have a Contour Display. They seem to be correct, as this is the first phone to be launched with the Curved Display. (the touchscreen is normally flat)

The Nexus S screen is a bit shallow in the middle than in the top or bottom. This seems to go well with our eye-sight and also better while talking on the phone.
Nexus S phone
A small ridge on the back seems to be a suggestion from the Ergonomics team but it is really helpful while holding the phone. Also, it makes it easier to type with your fingers!

This makes me feel that the Contour Display with Curved Screen is one of the USPs of the Nexus S. Lets see how the users accept this innovation!

  • infoomatic

    I think its contour is just following human face contour so it will be comfort to use it to make a call

  • Small Business Technology Solutions

    It’ll be interesting to see how it feels to use this curved screen. The original Palm Pre had a slightly curved, convex screen, but it was plastic, instead of glass.