Hands On: Facebook Mail (Facebook Messages/Email, the first look)

Facebook earlier had showed us the features; they were cooking something for the Facebook Mail. It was released two weeks back and one of our member have finally received an Invitation to have his hands on the new service. He is already in love with it!

The wait is now over, Facebook has now started rolling the new mail to its subscribers slowly. Not everyone has got the invites to try it out!
Facebook Mail

“The worlds first informal Mail”, as quoted by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

It lets you send attachments and communicate on the go, it integrates Chat, Facebook Messages and SMS into one (but for my friend, the SMS thing didn’t work!)

I don’t know whether this is a boon or a curse but Facebook saves the chat history in messages, so that you can read the whole conversation again and again, anytime you want!

We don’t know how is it going to fare or how far this will go but at the end of the day this is add to the competition in this Email market!

Here is a quick demo of it in action:

  • http://www.ink365.gr INK365.GR

    Nice that was one thing that it was missing from facebook

  • http://hiswat.info Siva

    U have used fb mail ?

  • http://www.techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Siva: One of my friends has.. He has given me this Screenshots!

  • http://www.techntricksonline.com kbharath @ Techntricksonline

    Facebook is a big competition for the Google. Facebook is rolling out new features for its mass users. this is great thanks for sharing this mate.

  • http://jackrabbit.com Small Business Technology Solutions

    One of the most significant things with this new change is the username@facebook.com e-mail addresses. It will be interesting to see how people use this.