How to use Bold/Underlined Fonts & smileys in Facebook Chat

Facebook has become a hub for all the Social People and Facebook Chat has taken over the traditional IMs like Yahoo and Hotmail Live messengers. People spend a lot of time chatting on Facebook and they are very eager to know more Tricks about how can they act Cool on Facebook.

As Facebook has crossed the 500 million users mark, you can expect nearly everyone you know to be having a Social Profile on Facebook. You can connect and Chat with them whenever you both are online.

Now when it comes to using Smileys for Facebook Chat, they are more-or-less similar to our normal Smileys. I am giving you a Small chart to get acquainted to some of the most used Facebook Smileys. (Note: Smileys are also called Emotions / Emoticons / Emotion Icons)
Facebook Chat Smileys (Emotions)

You will observe that nearly everyone who chats regularly on Facebook, uses Smileys! So how can you go the extra mile to appear cool?

You can use Cool texts which are Decorative and write them in . I am going to tell you how to use the Bold and Underline Fonts in the Facebook chat.

For using the Bold Font, just type your message in between the asterisks (*)
Example: If you want any message to appear in Bold, then you must type *your message*

For using the Underline Font, just type your message in between the underscores (_)
Example: If you want any message to have an Underline, then you must type _your message_

I hope you will have fun using these techniques. Let me know if you have some more such tips which you use in your everyday Chatting!

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