Adam Tablet from Notion Ink running Android Gingerbread (pre-order starts)

notion ink adam
Notion Ink is a company working on an Android Tablet device from Q4 2009. And it appears to have a lot of fan following! There are a large number of people who actually skipped purchasing the Apple iPad and are waiting for its arrival.

The company is very confident that this device will change the era of computing for ever. So, what is the specialty of this Tablet and what makes if so different?

Notion Ink Adam is an Android based Tablet, which will run Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) out-of-the-box. To be more specific, it’s Eden, a new OS modification for big touch screen devices. It has a battery backup of more than 15 hours playback which is really amazing!

It has its own App store alongside with Android market, called Genesis AppStore.

Google has already said that Android 2.x series is not very suitable for tablet devices; Adam also has a solution to overcome this; Notion Ink has been building up a new User Interface and Apps specifically for this device (Adam)

Notion Ink Adam‘s best part is its 2 USB slots, that means you can attach your keyboard and mouse anytime and begin real computing. Adam has all rights to call it an perfect device, with Flash player, USB slots, a 360º flip Camera and Back side touch pad. What else could you ask for?

Also, the pre-ordering of this tablet will start on 10th December 2010. You can order yours! The basic LCD Wi-Fi version will start at $375.33 and 3G version at $425.33. Transflective version (Pixel Qi) will start at $499.45 for Wi-Fi only and 3G variant at $549.99.

With this incomings, the future of Notion Ink seems to brighter than what it is with usual new companies. We will keep you updated about the progress of this Tablet from time to time!

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