Insider Secrets: Why are Apple products not launching in India?

You may have observed that India seems to have very low priority when it comes to the launch of Apple products. Either it takes quite a lot of time for Apple products to arrive in India or they are not launched in India at all. (iPhone 4 and iPad have not yet officially arrived in India)

Now what is the real reason behind all this? We got a trustworthy source talking (Apple Canada Employee who did not wished to be named) who told us some insider secrets of why Apple products are taking so long to come to India.
iPhone 4
According to him, India was listed among the 44 countries where the iPhone 4 was supposed to be launched in August 2010. But due to high demand in other countries, the Launch in India was postponed to November end!

During this time, the Apple Maps issues cropped up which showed Arunachal Pradesh which is an Indian State to be a part of China. This led to the fury of some Indian officials, who started taking undue advantage of this situation and expecting favors from Apple officials to get a nod for Launch in India. (we do not take any responsibility if this information given to us turns out to be false)

India being such a fast paced country when it comes to Economy growth, Apple doesn’t wish to stay behind the competition and wants to launch a wide range of its luxury products in India. Lets see how much time it takes for Apple to solve the concerning issues..

  • Review Relay

    Wow, very interesting information! I wasn’t aware of any of these issues. Whether that was the reason or not, it’s interesting enough to share as speculation.

  • Geeky humor

    This is interesting indeed. Ofcourse, with any product as anticipated as the iPad/iPhone, there is bound to be a shortage, and companies will have to prioritize some markets.

    Ofcourse, India being such a fast-growing market, it may be a bad thing indeed to fall out of favour there.

  • John P. Matthew


    We met at the blog camp. Good to read your blog.

    Keep blogging.