Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection (Check These Things Before Calling Anyone)

Even though this is an advanced age when people are now focusing on ways to improve the customer support they offer with their services it is highly important to be completely independent. A lot of people are not tech savvy and if anything happens the first thing they do is begin to call their engineer or ISP. There is no point in disrupting your schedule for a particular day by calling your engineer or ISP (who will take long to show up) when you can solve the problem you’re experiencing by yourself. This post will be listing some things to check before calling anybody should you experience any problem with your internet connection.

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Check Your Hardware

Ranging from a disconnected Ethernet or T1 cable to a modem that has been mistakenly switched off the first thing you should do when you experience any problems with your internet connection is to check your hardware. Try to examine every piece of hardware you have; make sure you examine your router, cables, modem, wires etc. Make sure everything is intact and perfectly okay.

The problem a lot of people face is solved in this phase so there is no point calling an engineer until you do this. If after fixing your hardware you’re still experiencing the same problem you might want to check the next point.

Ensure Your Settings Are Accurate

Do you know what the default settings for your broadband modem, wireless router, and other piece of hardware are? If not, you should start keeping a record now because anything can happen sooner or later.

The next step to take when experiencing problems with your internet connection is to take a look at the current settings in your devices and make sure they are perfect and accurate. A lot of things can happen, especially if you’re not the only one using your computer; your children or anyone closer to your computer can tamper with it so make sure you have a solid backup of your settings. If the problem is not with your settings you might want to check the next step.

Check Your Computer for Viruses

When last did you scan your computer for viruses? How often do you scan your computer for viruses? Do you have an antivirus on your computer? If you can’t answer any or all of the above questions then you’re at risk and anything can happen to your computer, files and internet connection at anytime.

Make sure you do a regular scan of your computer for viruses because most cases of internet connection instability have been connected to viruses. Viruses can be very troublesome and unpredictable so you shouldn’t think you’re immune to it unless you take the necessary steps.

If your computer is infected with a virus try to do a thorough scan and make sure every “element” of viruses in it is removed. Also make sure you update your antivirus regularly because this will “reduce” the chances of your computer being infected with a virus.

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  • Small Business Technology Solutions

    Your point about checking hardware first is very valid. In a lot of cases, a faulty internet connection is something simple, like a wireless card disabled or an Ethernet cable unplugged.

  • Dana

    Yeah, a simple step that may save our time. If did not do our homework yet, I bet that even though we call the ISP costumer service, it will take a long time to solve it.

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    I read your About page and I am surprised and happy to know that at this very small age, you are the owner of such a good technology blog. Great man

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  • Rohit Sane

    @Atul: Thanks for such kind words. We will keep in touch and let us know if you need any help or if we can work something out together.

  • Abe Samir

    I get a lot of these calls myself…. Nice write up…. I think most people(non techies) don’t know where to start troubleshooting when they have internet issues.

  • Lesleyanneyp

    You are definitely right! check all basic step of your internet connection before calling your ISP technical support. sometimes because of our careless we often forgot something. Also do not do experimental configuration of your modem to avoid problems.