10 Biggest Technology Innovations that changed the Geek world in the last Decade

The first decade of the twenty first century came to a really amazing end just a few weeks back and sitting on my desk I was recalling all the greatest things that happened on the Internet & the Gadget world in particular in these 10 years. Here are the 10 Innovations that changed the face of Internet and the Geek world forever.
Wii and Sony PSP

2000– This was the year that not only ended a decade or a century, but the entire millennium. The work Geek world took a completely new meaning with the launch of Sony‘s biggest creation, the Playstation 2. It was launched on March 4 and it took the entire world by surprise as they now had an entire Game-Station to play with!

2001– We may never forget the tragic 9/11 attacks. But we may also never forget the war of Microsoft vs. US Government came to an end with Microsoft getting the top spot. If Microsoft wouldn’t have won, we wouldn’t have the latest Windows to crib about..

2002– On a personal level somewhere I feel this year was a gift of the almighty! iMac G4 was introduced by Apple Inc in February. It was known as the next generation iMac.

2003– This was the year when the first Digital Camera with OLED display was released. Well, thank you Kodak!

2004– The new platform to officially share photos, make friends and chat online was gaining ground. All of this was made possible by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook was launched in February 2004..

2005– Woohoo! Sony PSP was launched sometime during this year. It was the Gameboy killer and the new King of the Handheld Gaming market. It became the Lord of the Geeks!

2006– Since Nintendo’s Gameboy was brutally murdered in 2006, they were furious and came back with a bang! Wii was officialy launched to public on September 17, 2006. Not only this was a slap to Sony but also to all the couch potaoes. People who bought Wii said that they indeed lost weight along with the cash and time!!
iPhone with iPad
2007– This was the year of the Mobile revolution! Can you recall? Apple launched its coolest product, the iPhone. It was the coolest thing that happened to Mobile technology. Within no time, iPhone became everyones dream phone. (Read: Convert iPod Touch to iPhone)

2008Flexible display screens were first spotted. The first look of Nokia 888 was released. A fully flexible cellphone was made and patented but God knows why not launched.

2009– It was a fantastic year folks. For the gamers, Resident Evil 5 hit the stores, and for the Tech crazy, Sony Rolly was launched. Yes, it was among the biggest invention of 2009. A robotic MP3 player which even dances to the music played. Quite fun!

And finally came…

2010– This was the year which all the Geeks and Gadget lovers had been waiting for! Apple.Inc finally launched its Tablet, the iPad after a long wait and it became the talk of the town, everyone who owned the iPad in this year was called a cool guy/girl. Launched in April 2010 the iPad is still one of the coolest gadgets in the world.

To summarize, the decade was really amazing for the gadget lovers. Along with the above inventions, we saw the launch of PS3, 3D-Television, Android Phones, Chrome OS and many more.. What do you think does this decade has in store for us?

  • http://www.zxeen.com/ Jimmy

    Apple played a major role :-)

  • http://www.techtip.org/ Surkhab

    Thanks for sharing it with us..

  • http://www.techhogger.com Kunal @ TechHogger

    Out of all I will consider iPad one of the best made equipment of all time.

  • http://www.computerplanet.co.uk/systems/gaming Geoff

    The release of the Nintendo Wii certainly changed the gaming industry making it more accessible and socialble for families as well as educational, physical and fun.

    It changed the way gaming is seen and this was the level others had to compete with hence the release of Xbox Kinnect by Microsoft.

    Many of the others mentioned were pretty inevitable I feel.

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    Wow, What a post…Technology history like this…it always growing,Thank you for the great sharing

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    WOW Awesome Work !!

  • http://getonthemap.us Juliemarg

    Have you seen the video of Oprah swooning about her iPad? It’s amazing how much tech stuff has overtaken our dreams and desires – where women previously might have wanted shoes or jewelry, now we want iPads and Wiis.