Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones worth buying!

I bet most of you do listen to music! If you use a Huge Music System then good but if you are the proud owner of an handheld Music Player or like to listen to music on any iDevice then you probably use a headphones. But it really gets irritating when the wires get tangled in between each other. So, its better to use a wireless headphone. To help you out, here are the Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones that you will love to own.

Sony Noise Reduction MDR-RF970RK1~ Sony Noise Reduction MDR-RF970RK
When it comes to SONY quality will be delivered, as much as I can guess. Contains the Noise Reduction technology, something very nice for people who do no llike the “zzzzz” sound made sometimes. Its 900MHz RF Wireless Transmission upto 150 Feet is something that gets me a little excited. Its over-the-head design is just a cherry on the cake along with it marvelous black finish, beautiful! The price, well what do you think? Its $89! But after reading a few reviews I can say its surely worth it.

Plantronics SupraPlus C5361N2~ Plantronics SupraPlus C5361N
Its a big brand, offers quality, has a name for it and I can say this because I have experienced. The SupraPlus offers a great quality and sound comfort, but its only for the use of PC and Mobiles due to its long micro-phone that sticks out will be something wierd for MP3 and iPods. Has Bluetooth connectivity. The bad part, it costs $196! I got it as a Christmas gift..

3~ Alpine SHS-N205
Nothing very great, Dual Source Wireless  Headphones only, But it has A/B source switch and a smooth volume control access, sweet stuff here is that it is compatible with Alpine SHS-N252 wireless system. Completely worth the price – $50

Koss HB 704~ Koss Wireless behind-the-neck stereophone
Koss has doomed its name but seems to be back with a bang! The company’s product development team and engineers look for the most innovative combinations of existing and new technologies to deliver the most exciting products possible. Koss HB 70 features a dynamic element stereophone for extended frequency response; provides 250 square feet of convenient cordless coverage and is ideal for home theater and video installations! What more do you want at the price of just $45 ?

Sony MDR-IF 30005~ Sony Wireless Dolby Digital Headphones MDR-IF3000
This cool headphone incorporates Sony VPT (Virtual Phones Technology). Has one-of-its-kind Unique Open Air Headphone, a beautiful Cordless Design, just awesome! High Power Infrared Transmitter, Self-Adjusting Headband, Top-Notch Finish along with Built In Decoders add to the glory. A 23 Feet Transmission Range decent enough for moving around.

6~ JBL Reference 610 Wireless Headphones
JBL Reference 610This is a headphone that goes beautifully along with the iPods and the iPhones, not yet tested with iPad, should work though! When it is in the proper range, nothing can beat it but when it goes even 10 inches out, the irritation starts. But its great at sound, rearly will you hear the “zzz” thing. You’ll enjoy having it. But it comes at the whooping sum of $250 USD. But it comes along with some cool accessories, a headphone cable, includes a hard case and a suite of international power adapters, making sure that your headphones can rock no matter where you are in the world. I recommend you to go grab this one!

Bose QuietComfort 15  Noise-Cancelling Headphones7~ Bose QuietComfort 15 Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Its a great choice for the ones who have the habit of listening to music when either flying on an airplane or if you really hate the buzzing sound created by headphones when they move a little out of the range. The highly advanced noise reduction means you can enjoy your music even more, something very good for music lovers. Its soft-cushioned, around-the-ear fit ensures that no external sound disturb you or your music. And Bose is a name that you can trust! The best part is that it does not require recharging; it uses the ever-lasting AAA batteries. Quite preffered when you run out of battery life. It costs $300 USD; 100% worth, each penny spent will be a wise investment.

8~ Nokia BH-905
Its a cool brand, and the quality is just amazing. And has a beautiful sound quality, but only bluetooth so not compatible with MP3 Players and other devices without bluetooth, a little not worth it $145 USD. But if you are going to use it on a bluetooth device only and are not afraid to spend the buck, this is the best choice.

Creative CB 81009~ Creative CB8100 Wireless Headphone
These are designed purely for listening to music, so there’s no microphone that will allow you to take calls on your mobile phone. However, the headphones do include a separate Bluetooth adaptor that allows you to add Bluetooth capabilities to a device, such as an iPod, that may not have it already built-in. The audio quality is a little below par; perhaps because it uses the older Bluetooth 1.2 standard, which has more limited bandwidth. However, the problem is the price tag of $110, which makes this quite a load on the pocket.

Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphone10~ Sennheiser Wireless Headphone System – RS180
From all the above mentioned set of headphones, this is one such that I had my eye on since quite a while. The reason, it contains TX 180 Multi-Purpose Transmitter and a powerful KLEER Uncompressed Digital Wireless Transmission System, Fantastic Open-Aire Speaker System, an Automatic Level Control and the ever beautiful Black Metallic finish. All of this along with some great sound quality. Every buck of the $330 USD that you will spend on this one will be worth. I say this as a Sennheiser customer!

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  • PR@ AlmostLikeEverything!

    i personally tried Sennheiser, its good , but Nobody can beat Sony, i even tried Bose problem was i expected more and it delivered less !

  • Finally Fast

    I’ve used Sennheiser cans for years. I definitely think the sound quality is unparalleled outside of exorbitantly priced audiophile stuff. My only issue with Sennheiser is the quality of the headphones themselves. I’ve had two pairs of the HD380s die in the last two years. And for a pair of $200 headphones that’s a pretty hefty annual expense. Hopefully they’ve worked out the quality problems in the new wireless iteration, otherwise I might have to turn to a new brand!

  • Vikram

    Good post, I also wanted to buy one but the good ones are costly.

  • vishal verma

    Can anyone tell where to buy any/all of them?? Thanks.

  • sjroth

    Uhh, the Bose QC 15 aren’t bluetooth, they’re wired.