Google Search is filled with 38 bugs

I was casually surfing Google for different topics and I came across a weird problem. I was trying to search for different terms and some of them were showing a Buggy results page. Let me tell you, sometimes it showed a proper results page but sometimes it looked really weird.

The bug appeared near the Google logo on the Left hand Top position. I am sure it was not a Google Doodle, as I checked Google’s behavior for different search terms for a few days.

Now what exactly was I searching and how did the results page appear? Check the various Screenshots below.
Google Bug
Google Error
Google Mistake
Let me tell you, these bugs crop up occasionally and not always. Check the clean Bug-Free screenshot which I got 1 minute after the Buggy one.
Google without Bugs
Now what may be the reason for this weird things showing near the logo?
Frankly, I dont know! But, I did some checking with the W3C Validator and tried to validate the Google Homepage and show a Shocking 36 Errors and 2 Warnings (total 38 bugs). The CSS Validator also showed 2 Errors and 4 warnings.
Google W3C Validation
Do you think this is the reason for the errors? Personally, I dont think so! Google wont leave such bugs unattended. Also, what else may be the reason for such bugs? Give your opinions..

  • tejas

    Html5 problem

  • Rohit Sane

    @Tejas: How can u say this is HTML 5 problem?

  • Juliemarg

    How funny – even the almighty Google isn’t perfect. Good catch!

  • Siva

    You need to check mattcutt’s video.
    In that he says.. having errors made them achieve more speed than without errors.

  • christa joe@cloud computing companies

    Hope these kind of problems do not occur in the cloud services provided by Google. If would be a great problem, if a user who have uploaded a Google doc, tries to download a copy of document and finds some other document.