10 Best Simulation Games for PCs

Simulation games are those where you play it as if you are undergoing that situation in your real life. Most of these games are used for training purposes so that the people get familiar to the various situations. Here are the 10 best simulation games for PCs that are more adventurous to grasp everyone’s interest and craze for games with adventure.
flight simulation game
Microsoft Space Flight Simulator manages with 14 special real world space craft (real-world vehicles) on space shuttle, interplanetary vessels and other fictional machines running along the live stations (Mir and Ring station1) resting and take-off from Kennedy space center, mars base futuristic space. It comprises of 1994 standards which is not attuned with Microsoft window’s up to date versions.

Orbiter released in November 2000, a freeware Application by Dr.Schweiger involve live vehicles (space shuttles, Delta Glider, etc) with easy interface with multi-functional display units with the 3D cockpits. Orbiter Sound on installation can provide audio effect as the application lacks the audio component.

Combat Flight Simulator has got some small variations in game engines compared to other versions. Modern WW-II flight games graphics are advanced 3D-model that is ground breaking graphic engine designed in particular for high definition.

IL-2 Sturmovik with its stunning graphics and AI intelligent effect has include a clear training mode that offers short missions on controls as they are a bit difficult. It requires a powerful PC with graphical stuff for good performance of the application.

Air Traffic control Simulator brings you a game on learning the perfect professionalism of air traffic control with good quality graphic interface and voice recognization via Microsoft speech API. Real radarscope with switches and its functions add up a realistic effect of airport.

Independence War 2, realistic physics stuff has a quite complex game play yet simple to learn. Highlight of the game is the top-notch graphics and the sound effect wit intuitive interface for knowledgeable gamers. Multitude of functions with sequel to fight for independence with command over 4 flyable ships and weapons has made a great debut.

Microsoft Train Simulator has its own routes including activities with dazzling graphic effects and tutorials to guide along. It also experiences some drawbacks as it needs 1.8GB hard disk with a superior graphic card to keep up the game effective.

Roller Coaster Tycoon Gold Edition by Chris Sawyer shows the adventure in amusement park with its excellent 3G graphic workouts over the coaster ride and delicate detail over experience with a good animation effect with a new theme park.

Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions is one of the well known highly rated game for its valuable graphic effect and high player progression with its denigration over controls and console iterations. Different perspective with elite pilot in the secret team with the most dangerous mission of adventure is the added feature.

Wings of Power hold an exciting 3D graphic with authentic flight simulation with Microsoft flight simulator add-ons including a special edition of prints with 17×14 inch checklist on every aircrafts on pilot’s manual.

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  • http://swayamdas.blogspot.com/ Online Information Technology Blogger

    I have played F-16.. Its nice..

  • http://www.indiabucket.com/ Rakesh Kumar

    I love to play Simulation games, it realized me such type of real world not game. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.finallyfastcommercials.com/ FinallyFast.com

    Very heavy on the flight simulators here. When I think simulation games I actually think more along the lines of Civilization, Age Of Empires, and games of that nature.

    That said, I definitely think Civilization IV (Civ V’s AI is terrible) belongs on the list. One of the best Empire Building Simulation games of all time.

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    Combat Flight Simulator is my favourite . I played 3 versions of this game ,but the first one is the best . CFS 2 and CFS 3 are better in graphic but a little bored .

  • Ben

    Auran Trainz Railroad Simulator 2012 beats the MS Train Simulator anytime.