Acer Iconia “TouchBook” Hands-On Quick Review and Photos [Pre Order Starts]

Acer Iconia dual-screen Tablet is one of the most amazing gadgets I have ever seen! It is also called a dual Screen Laptop, Notebook or “Touchbook”. It does not have a hardware keyboard, but a touch screen one! The build quality is amazing and we had a chance of having our hands on it and we didn’t really miss out..

It runs Windows 7 operating system powered by powered by 2nd Generation Core i5 processor and 4 GBs of RAM. It has two amazing 14 inch Touch-Screen Displays, where the pages are continued. So, its as good as two screens..

We had amazing experience surfing on the Internet, on its glossy dual-screen Gorilla Touch Display.

The Acer’s new Ring Control UI is amazing to use and the functions work pretty fast. We just need to touch all our 5 fingers to the TouchScreen to get it activated. Lag is observed but it can be neglected (common in most Touch-Screen devices)
Acer Iconia
Among the amazing features of this dual-screen marvel is the support for USB 3.0, the Gorilla glass, the HDMI output and the 1.3 MP webcam.

The TouchBook measures a decent 6.2 pounds but does NOT seem very uncomfortable to work around.

The Pre-Order for Acer Iconia has just started in US and Canada for $ 1199.99

You may wonder how we got our Hands On this one when its pre-order has just started, but I wont like to comment anything on this!

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Acer Iconia definitely will be the first choice of Tablet lover. I wish to have this one.

  • Gordan

    Acer Iconia is a very high tech gadget because of it’s dual screen. And as we read that it use Window 7 application. What do you think guys? Is this pretty good to use?