Airtel 3G Data Tariff plans in Mumbai

India’s leading telecommunications company, Bharti Airtel on Tuesday 8th March 2011, launched its 3G services in Mumbai. This will enable all the present and future Airtel subscribers in the Mumbai Circle to Activate and use 3G services at their own convenience.

At the launch event, Atul Bindal, President – Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel said, “Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India – and therefore at the leading edge of driving a paradigm shift from voice to data services. With the highest data penetration in India of over 20%, the city of Mumbai truly represents the data revolution story that our country is currently witnessing. As we bring the power of 3G to Mumbai today, we are
confident that this launch will add impetus to the expansion of data services in India.”

He specifically added, “For delivering robust 3G experience for customers, Airtel has made significant network investments in Mumbai.”

Already launched in the cities of Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mysore, Manipal, Udipi, Jaipur and Delhi NCR, Airtel will launch its 3G services in all 13 3G-license circles by March 2011 and in 1000 major towns in India by March 2012.

The 3G Data plans offered by Airtel are as follows:
Airtel 3G Data Download Plans Rates

  • Siva @ Techno Blog

    here in chennai, it was released about one and half months ago.
    I was pissed off after seeing the plan(and ofcourse from other companies too) because there is no unlimited plan.

    Any way, I use the trick.

    First Activate 3G and then put Rs 98 Internet Mobile Office pack with Free 2GB. you will save Rs 577(675-98) :)

    You can try other mobile office pack too. call 121 to know other packs. Or *567#

    Check your usage sooner, try *123*10#
    otherwise your balance will flow like a water.

    P.S: Remember the mobile office packs are auto renewal. Don’t forget to stop the service before midnight :)

  • Rohit Sane

    Thanks Siva, for this valuable trick to save some money!!

  • Finally Fast

    Data tariff is right! Import taxes on my data. No unlimited plan? That’s a major bummer. They’re starting to do this in America as well. AT&T stopped offering unlimited data plans for the iPhone 4 and rumor has it Verizon is going in the same direction. It reminds me of the old pay-per-data plans with dial-up.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Finally Fast : No unlimited plan!!

  • krishna @

    hohoho who will take this 3g plans of airtel its too costly, and bsnl 3g is realiable

  • Eddie Gear

    Yeah! such a damn shame that there are no unlimited plans. The hype these companies make about 3G, you’d think they’re offering you a fantastic deal! Bollocks!

    Vodafone 3G services are going to be launched soon in Chennai and I’m pretty sure they are going to be towing the same line.
    And, Thanks for the valuable tips Siva.