Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors expected to be announced by September-October 2011

Intel’s Ivy Bridge range of processors will be the successor of the current Sandy Bridge range. The major difference between the two is the 22 nanometer die shrink in the Ivy Bridge in place of the 32 nm of the Sandy Bridge.

The Pin Layout and the Socket size will not be changed but it will have a DirectX 11 graphics core. The second generation QuickSync video technology will also be integrated in it.

Ivy BridgeThe new rage of 22nm processors are expected to give a performance improvement of 20-30% than its equivalent second generation Core processors of 2011.

Now there had been a lot of rumours regarding when will the Ivy Bridge be showcased. Industry followers expect the Ivy Bridge cores to be unveiled at the Computex Taiwan 2011 even though Intel has not yet mentioned anything in that regard.

We recently had a chance to talk to Mr. Thaine Creitz, Platform Architechture Specialist, Intel, during a Media Meet organised by Intel. When questioned about the revealing of the Ivy Bridge range, he casually said, “It will be somewhere around September-October 2011“. On specially asking whether the Ivy Bridge platform will be unveiled at the Computex 2011, he avoided the discussion by saying he does not have knowledge about that.
Intel Architecture Roadmap
Now we can surely make a rough estimate that the Ivy Bridge range will be unveiled in the second half of 2011. And if this comes true, then we must surely have our 22nm Ivy Bridge Processors flodding the markets from early 2012.


    This is actually the first I’ve heard of either Sandy or Ivy bridge processors…I have to ween myself off of these Mac-centric blogs! It looks like the most recent Mac Pro is still using the Westemere processor! Hopefully they’ll skip the Sandy Bridge and go right to the Ivy for the next iteration of their desktop.