iPhone 5: A Collection of all the Rumours you have heard about it!

Controversial rumors could be heard as the launch of iPhone 5 is coming near.. With many new rumors cropping up; this iPhone5 would resemble its predecessor iPhone 4 in terms of size and some fresh additions like metal black case and a wider screen space.

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Foxconn is considered to be the reliable information provider about this fifth-generation Phone from Apple. According to Foxconn, iPhone is in its mass production stages..
iPhone 5 front view
This handset is expected to have an exact look as iPhone 4. However, Apple has decided to negotiate the black-glass enclosure present on iPhone 4 and an all-metal back resort in first-generation iPhone launched in 2007.  Apple has not yet cleared the doubts about the material used on iPhone5. Even so, based on reports and rumors it could be concluded that the base material is Aluminum. However, there is no availability of photos which support this claim. Nevertheless, the lovers of the iPhone assume this phone to be made out of Liquid Metal.

If Apple keeps the same antenna design as with iPhone 4 and modifies it to aluminum back, there will not be any reception issues. Some sources assert about iPhone 5 that it will have an enhanced display feature. However, Digitimes has pinpointed the same screen size i.e. 4 inches. Since three high resolution based models like iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPhone 4 are already present in the market, Apple will compulsorily need to develop a new variant!

According to some past reports, Apple decided not to use NFC (near-field communication) feature and the reason for this was the industry lacking clear standards. However, Apple employees have claimed to use NFC in iPhone5 and this tweet was given by Elizabeth Woyke of Forbes’s magazine.

NFC iPhone 5 Tweet

Cult of Mac has recently reported that Apple is not only working with NFC for payment system, but they are also thinking to use it as the portable login system. Therefore, once the user enters the system, it would be ready to perform sync-based things with the use of sync applications. Sending the files after login from MobileMe accounts would be a very easy task for user. And after the user is logged off, the system will securely remove those files on which the work was executed or carried out.

These are all very neat concepts and if it comes true then it would be very pleasing for an iPhone5 user. There are many rumors coming out and it is assured that the iPhone 5 is in its last stage of production and will definitely hit the launch in mid of May.

Are, all these nothing more but rumors? From time to time, we do get access to leaked iPhone 5 Photos but when are we going to see some real and verified information? Or, is this a part of Apple’s marketing plan? Let us wait and watch..

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    hohoho! 😀 what must i say??? i ‘am one of the APPLE Loverz especially in Iphone & Ipad… i really love this… :)

    one think i want to ask, is this leak pictures are trust able??? just ask hahaha…

    next, in my own conclusion may be this is some trick of apple productivity (just my argument)

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  • http://blog.bestmobilephonedealz.co.uk Gary Holden @ Best Mobile Phone Dealz

    Well, I personally think that now we are getting a white version of the iPad 2, that is a given we will see a white iPhone 4. We were rumoured to for the 4G and never did.

  • http://www.tradetechsports.com Travis@TradeTechSports

    I hope they make one with the brushed aluminum back. That looks pretty sweet. Also, how about the a proper sized screen?