Samsung Epic 4G Hands-On Photos (Quick Review)

I was very excited about handling a 4G phone and the Samsung Epic 4G did really stay up to my expectations. Even though I could not use 4G, but the phone in itself is really good.

Its slider phone with a QWERTY keypad opening below the 4 inch Super AMOLED screen which is of Amazing quality. The best part is that Samsung has still kept the SWYPE functionality even after adding a physical Keyboard.
Epic 4G Keyboard
The Keyboard is rather large when we compare it with other phones. I really loved its build quality!
Samsung Epic 4G
The 4 touch buttons below the screen are similar to the Nexus S.

It runs on a 1-GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor with Android 2.2 (Froyo) installed. It is expected to get the Gingerbread upgrade soon.
Epic 4G Back and Camera
The 5MP Camera quality is decent with weak LED flash, but its not a big problem. The Video recording in 720p HD needs a special mention though.

As, we got just 10 mins over this handset, we could not really get into finer details of this phone. Bear with us, on this!!

  • Siva

    How do you get this kinda cool phones in hand?

  • Rohit Sane

    @Siva: Mostly in Press Conferences and via Contacts..

  • Australian online

    I must say that i dont really like the look of that phone – its too big, too fat

  • Price India

    Nice review with lots of pics.

  • Gary Holden @ Best Mobile Phone Dealz

    We are not going to get this in the UK, but apprently we will get a look a like.