Samsung Promises 1080p (or more!) Resolution for PC Tablets

Samsung, as you all know, is one of the biggest producers of LCD displays in the world. Their products range from LCD TV’s, monitors and all sort of mobile gadgets, but when it comes to PC tablets, Samsung has the upper edge: they manufacture their own displays, therefore they benefit first from new technologies they develop.

Now, they are working on a new generation of tablet PC’s displays, benefiting the NVIDIA Tegra 3 platform, scheduled to hit the market this year. Even if screen size is limited for ergonomic considerations, the number of pixels can be increased quite a lot, without exceeding the GPU specifications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is a good example of the status Samsung has when it comes to displays. The image quality of Galaxy Tab 8.9 comes from a 170ppi (pixel per inch) display, while Apple had to satisfy with a 132ppi display for the iPad 2.

Samsung could push the number of ppi’s well beyond 1080p, which is the default ppi for Full HD. A high resolution in a tight space makes noticing details nearly impossible for the human eye.  Happily for us, the enhanced resolution will improve the clarity of the image, not just cram more text or other graphic elements on the screen!!

Samsung states that the improvements will not shorten the battery life, or the fluidity of the OS. So, this is a real good add-on!