Sony Vaio S Series laptops launched and Hands-On Reviewed (Specifications, Features & Price)

Sony Vaio Range of Laptops are known for its unique design and fabulous looks. And yet again, Sony has stayed up to its reputation and launched the new Vaio S series of Laptops for the Indian market.

There are three main pointers which the Sony team has worked on, in creating the Vaio S series, namely “Power”, “Mobility” and “Design”.

Power: The Vaio S series of Notebooks contains a unique switch which helps you to switch to a differnt power mode according to your needs. The two power modes are namely “Stamina” and “Speed”.

The battery life in the Stamina Mode lasts for 1.8 times more than that in the Speed mode. The Stamina mode is for using the day-to-day applications which the Speed mode is mostly used for accessing more power from the processor for Faster operations.
Sony Vaio S
The Battery life of each of the S series models is said to be of 6 hours while it is expected to last for 12 hours if you get the extended battery option. The best part is, no one will understand that you have added an extended battery as it fits inside the Notebook with ease without getting noticed.

Design: Sony has been very careful in designing this masterpiece series. The Robust Hexa-shell design not only looks amazing but also adds stability and a royal feel to the Notebook.
Sony Vaio S series
Its beautifully crafted Backlit Keyboard needs a special mention as it is sensitive to the lights in your vicinity. If you are working at a dark place, then the Backlit keyboards automatically lights up even though you are switch it on manually.

The Mouse Trackpad and the Fingerprint reader are easy to use, and leave a lot of empty space near the keyboard for resting our hands.

Its fully flat body is sleek (thickness 23.9 mm) and weights just 1.7 kgs.

It must be noted that the S series Vaio laptops will be available in 4 different colours namely Black, Blue, Pink and Silver.

Mobility: It sports a 13.3″ wide screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels making it easy to carry around. The anti-reflective Glossy LCD display provides a good contrast ratio and is gentle on eyes.

The Vaio S series contains Notebooks with Intel 2nd Generation Core processors. For better processing, only Core i5 and Core i7 processors are available in this range. All the models have a dedicated 1GB HD graphic card and 4GBs of RAM.

Fore more details have a look at the image below. (Click to enlarge)
Vaio S details

Price: The Vaio S series of Laptops is available across India starting from Rs. 56,990 to Rs. 1,09,900.

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Sony always comes with new innovation which never be avoided. This laptop really has great specs.

  • Hotel Review

    i think sony is the best on the world and all device made by sony is very very good.

  • Konstantinos

    Sony rules, VAIO keeps up the quality I have mine for 5 years the only thing that doesn’t work is the battery. Only con the price!