USB Drive Functionality in iPad 2 (leaked Screenshot) May be iOS 5

We have got an amazing piece of information that iPad 2 would come with a USB port. We are not sure whether it carries the new iOS 5, but it seems very cool for sure.

As you would already know that the first edition of iPad does not have a USB drive functionality. It was considered that its addition would make iPad as a complete tablet and add a new feature in its armour. Apple seems to have done just that!

You may want to have a look at this amazing screenshot:

We have not confirmed this information, but we are nearly sure about it!

Update: The Screenshot seems to be of a Jailbroken iPhone running a Cydia App. But the introduction of iOS 5 is not a false alarm.

  • iPhone-Android-WP7

    if iPad comes with USB port, its very good. It will just increase the sale to many a fold. Older iPad owners will also try to upgrade to this new iPad.
    Great initiative by Apple


  • unitechy

    ah I love such rumors on the day of the announcement. 😀

  • Rohit Sane

    @Unitechy: Yeah.. lol

  • Nicolai Busekist Ohlsen

    I would be glad to have an USB-port in my iPad! That would solve a hell lot of my problems!