Rumour: Apple MacBook Pro to get a Brand New Look with a new Case & iPhone 5 to be delayed

Apple MacBook Pro has undergone no major design changes since 2008; for this reason, the next Apple MacBook Pro product line is going to embrace a brand new case design.

The information revealed says that the latest changes brought to this year’s MacBook Pro product line have been just simple incremental updates, but a brand-new design is coming soon. Factories in Quanta and Taiwan are currently developing this new design.

The design change has been referred to as an important step forward for the MacBook Pro family, a step which can be compared to the giant progress made by the models launched in February. These models have highly improved features compared to the previous device generation.
Macbook Pro new Design 2012
The MacBook Pro product line underwent major changes in design in late 2008 when the aluminium unibody case with its monolithic design was introduced. This case, which is very appreciated by users, has become an icon for many Apple products and it has brought the company a clear advantage against competition.

No details concerning the “aesthetic aspect” of the future MacBook Pro product line have yet been revealed. Nonetheless, Aluminium will definitely play an important role in the new design.

Some people say that Apple would not launch the much awaited iPhone 5 in summer but would bring in Major updates for Macbook Pro’s and other devices. MacBook Pro seems to be the first in line, as the device “waits” for a major updates since 2008 already. In autumn, we will also be “greeted” by a new iPod Touch, which could be launched at around the same time with iPhone 5 or awfully near in time.

There even were rumors that iPhone 5 could have the “teardrop” design, similar to Macs. But, I doubt it as Apple is quite smart to understand that keeping the designs of all its products similar would just not make it stand out in the crowd!

  • vince

    I hope this is true but i think it’s not.

    It will be waiting until 2012 for a new design of macbook pro.

    although it wouldn’t be logic to bring an iphone 5 in the summer too…. but maybe it’s just a specs update..

    wait and see

  • Jon

    Ok, I’ve been thinking about getting a macbook pro for a long time. If they really come out looking like this I think I’m going to have to spend the money. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Michael Aulia

    I don’t care about Macbook Pro, show me a newer model of Macbook Air please! :)

  • Travis@TradeTechSports

    I still think even if the new iphone does not come out, Apple will still introduce some cool software stuff at WWDC. Im interested to see if there is a sooner release of the ipad 3

  • Steffen ^ MacBook

    i really hope that apple will use the aluminium-unibody case for the macbooks in the future.