BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to launch on 14th April 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook is among the most anticipated tablets by the current generation. And to the relief of all, it is said to launch on 14th April.

There is a lot of hype, as this Tablet is said to run Android Apps too. A Non-Android OS, running Android Apps seems to be a wonder..

There is no News regarding the Specifications of the Device or anything else. Only the Place, Time and the launch of PlayBook is announced.
BlackBerry PlayBook Launch Event Invite
It is going to be launched in the US (New York) on April 14th at 6PM EST. Some very popular Tech Journals have received invitations to attend the event, and I am sure they are going to have a real good time at the launch. It will just get anything better, if Hands-On experience is given!!

  • Small Business Technology Solutions

    It should be interesting to see how this does. The key is really going to be the core RIM demographic – Business customers.

  • Abe Samir

    We have BB’s at work, and if this does what they say it will, I really would think they will roll it out at work…. We all love our BB’s, and corporate loves the control factors.