Editorial: About one of our past Articles

Firstly, Thanks to all of our loyal readers who have supported us all the way in making this Tech Blog a success. We are growing at a fast pace and constantly getting known for the quality content that we write. I am extremely happy to bring to your notice that we are reaching new milestones when its comes to Traffic and Popularity.

I would like to bring to your notice that one of our recent articles which I published on 1st of April 2011(Fools Day), it was about the Epic Giveaway where we talked about giving away some amazing gadgets to our readers was a Fake post. There is not such Giveaway happening! [Do you remember the article on How to Hack Facebook Accounts which we had written on the last year’s Fool’s day?]

But we are noticing that people come to that article only for winning prizes and have no intension of contributing to our community or knowing more about us. So, we have decided that we will continue to make fun of such people. Some of our friends liked this idea of playing a prank and noticed that it was a Fake post on the occasion of Fools day and they even commented on the article but I purposely did NOT publish their comments. A sincere sorry to all of them!! I hope you guys will understand..

  • http://techsplurge.com Saket

    Gotta Sue you for this. 😛

  • http://www.mytrickslab.com asim nawaz

    That was a good prank. Usually readers that only enter into giveaways for prizes are not regular readers. Keep pranking :)