3 Excellent Expected Features on Windows 8

These days, no week passes by without the release of some new details, more or less official, about Windows 8. Now, Windows 8 has reached the Milestone 3 threshold and with this, several new features have been revealed, the most important one being the Cloud Sync Option. With the help of this option, users can synchronize their files and folders stored on the HDD to those stored on an external server via Internet.

The second feature revealed at the beginning of this week is the Hybrid Boot, which reduces the booting time needed when the computer is restarted following a Shut Down. This feature is somehow similar to sleep mode. Windows 8 Italy reported they have managed to boot up Windows 8 in less than 20 seconds. Hybrid Boot increases the operating system’s speed but, of course, results can vary since speed depends on the system configuration!

Windows 8 screenshot

The third feature, which is definitely going to be much appreciated by users, is the possibility to store Windows 8 on a USB flash drive (requiring a minimum memory of 16 GB) and then to run it on another computer (or even run it on the system from where the operation took place) directly from that USB flash drive. This requires the use of a feature whose name is thought to be Portable Workspaces. Apparently, only Windows 8 Enterprise users could store their operating system on a storage device so one could conclude that Portable Workplace does not address to private users.

Finally, as for the folder organizing manner, there is a new Disk Cleanup which is going to provide more advanced options than the current program.

Other features available on Windows 8 are PDF Reader and Windows App Store..

  • http://www.insitedesignlab.com Jon

    Man would it be cool if this came to fruition. “Windows 8 Italy reported they have managed to boot up Windows 8 in less than 20 seconds. ” We’ll see, I would seriously love that. As a Linux user, boot time has been a huge selling point for me, if Windows could improve in that area I would deeply consider switching back over. Thanks!